Why Handcrafted Toys Make the Best Gifts

Buying gifts for the children in your life can sometimes feel a little stressful. With all of the options available on the market, it’s hard to know what to choose. But you can limit your options and find the perfect gift by choosing to buy handcrafted toys. Handcrafted toys make the best gifts for little ones. They’re durable, beautiful, and made with care and attention. If you want a toy that will last for years and bring a smile to children’s faces, handcrafted is the way to go.

handcrafted toys

Why Buy Handcrafted Toys?

Handcrafted toys are the perfect gift for any child in your life. They’re made for any age, gender, and special interest, giving you a wide range of options for picking out the best present. When you gift a handcrafted toy, you gift years of play, imagination, and excitement.


Handcrafted items are designed to last as long as possible. Most handcrafted toys are built from sturdy materials, such as durable woods and fabrics, that can stand up to hours of playtime. When you gift a child a handcrafted toy, you aren’t just giving them a simple object that will break or be ignored in a few days. Handcrafted items last for years, even generations, easily becoming a new family favorite for the future.


Learning to handcraft toys takes time and dedication, and craftspeople are sure to pay extra attention to detail. Carving out a design, painting, and adding decorations are skills learned over time. But for those who take the time to learn it, creating handcrafted toys means creating mini works of art. When you gift a child a handcrafted toy, you give them a beautiful object that will keep them entertained while those nearby enjoy its enticing design.

handcrafted toys

Support for Small Businesses

Because it takes more time to craft a toy by hand, most big businesses aren’t likely to sell any handcrafted toys in their shops. Handcrafted items are mostly sold by small businesses run by expert craftspeople. When you buy a handcrafted toy for your children, you support a small business and boost the local economy. Your children get a toy they can enjoy for years to come, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped an artisan business grow.


When gifts are made by hand, each one is unique and special. While each will follow the same pattern and shape, there’s always going to be something different about each toy that separates it from the others. When you gift a handcrafted toy, you give a child a unique present that’s specific to them. It’s a great way to add a personal touch that will make them feel special and loved. And some handcrafted toys can be customized further to add more personalization to each item.

How to Pick the Perfect Handmade Toy

While choosing to give handmade narrows down your gifting options, there’s still a variety of toys available. Deciding which is best for your child can be a little tricky. But if you take the time to consider your child’s age, ability, and interests, you can easily find the perfect gift for them.


Generally, most children and toddlers can enjoy most toys, but it’s important to keep their age in mind when picking out specifics. For example, toddlers have a greater risk of choking on toys with smaller parts, so you may not want to buy them a handcrafted marble machine toy or tower. Instead, gift younger children toys that are bigger and that come as one item rather than a set. This reduces the risk of choking and allows them to play safely while still having fun.


Toys aren’t just for play. Many handcrafted toys are designed to help toddlers and children build certain skills, such as fine-motor skills, spelling, or creative problem-solving. Playtime is a great way to help your children develop these skills in a stress-free environment. When choosing a gift for your child, consider their physical and mental abilities and choose toys that might help them strengthen those areas. For example, if a child has trouble with spatial awareness, gifting them a set of wooden blocks can help them fill in the gaps while they play.


Children are more likely to play with a toy if it fits their interests. And when they’re playing, they’re also often learning. Getting children interested in the toys you gift them can help them grow and enjoy their playtime more. Handcrafted toys are made to help support any special interest a child may have. For example, if your child is interested in trains or trucks, there’s a whole fleet of handcrafted vehicle toys they can play with. Or, if your child is interested in animals, you can get them a handcrafted barn or Noah’s Ark toy to enjoy.

Handcrafted Toys at Amish Toy Box

At Amish Toy Box, we believe in bringing the simple joys of Amish living to families around the world. Our handcrafted toys are made by skilled Amish craftsmen using durable, locally sourced materials. When you purchase a handcrafted toy for your child, you get a one-of-a-kind gift that will last your family for years to come. Each toy is made with care and completed with a non-toxic, child-proof finish, so you can rest assured that your child is safe as they play. You can browse our collection of handcrafted toys online to find the perfect gift for your little ones.

Why Amish Toys Are So Popular

Children love to play with toys; that’s no secret. But Amish toys specifically have continued to grow in popularity. With the stereotypes surrounding the Amish way of life, it can be easy to assume that Amish toys wouldn’t be very entertaining. But children have enjoyed playing with them for generations, whether they’re Amish themselves or not. And the beautiful, delicate craftsmanship of each piece makes every toy a unique addition to your home. Amish toys offer a host of entertaining and visually pleasing benefits that make them so popular.


Most children can find enjoyment in simple things, and the simpler a toy is, the more a child’s imagination will grow. While still in their discovery phase, children can turn simple wooden blocks into sprawling cities or plain dolls into best friends. No matter what age children are, they can enjoy Amish toys made just for them.

Toddler Amish Toys

Toddlers are at a unique stage in development where all of their skills are rapidly improving. A toddler that was crawling one day may very well be ready to run around the next. Amish toys for toddlers are increasingly popular because they help develop multiple skills at a time. Each toy is designed to not only provide entertainment but also to help your child learn and grow.

Popular Amish toddler toys include:

Amish-made Wooden Rocking Horse – A beautifully designed wooden rocking horse that helps toddlers develop core strength, upper body strength, and fine motor skills.

I-Spy Bag – A handcrafted travel bag filled with sand and some surprise goodies. This unique Amish-made toy offers the joy of discovery while continuing to develop a toddler’s fine motor skills.

ABC Wooden Blocks – A set of wooden building blocks that also contain the letters of the alphabet. Toddlers can begin both basic literacy and spatial awareness skills as they construct whatever their imagination desires.

Child Amish Toys

As kids grow up, their interests become more refined. However, just because their brains are becoming more complex, that doesn’t mean they need more complexity in their toys. Older children can get just as much enjoyment and learning opportunities from simple Amish toys as toddlers do.

Popular Amish children toys include:

Doll Furniture Collection – A series of petite doll furniture that will help your child create the perfect living environment for their dolls. Playing with dolls not only improves a child’s imagination but also helps cultivate empathy and caretaking skills.

Vehicle Toys – A collection of wooden toys designed to resemble trains, plains, trucks, and more. With actual moving wheels, your child can delight in playing with their favorite vehicle, increasing their imagination and helping them with their spatial awareness skills.

Marble Toys – Amish-made wooden contraptions that collect and dispense marbles in fun ways. Children will not only delight in watching the marbles roll through the courses, but they’ll also learn the basics of many scientific skills, such as engineering and physics.

Family Amish Toys

The popularity of Amish toys can also be attributed to the fact that many of them can be enjoyed by adults as well. There aren’t many children’s toys or games that actually capture the imagination and attention of older family members, but Amish toys and games are designed with everyone in mind.

Popular Amish family toys include:

Wahoo Board Game – A fun take on the classic aggravation game where family members race each other’s marbles around a beautifully crafted wooden game board. Families can spend quality time together while building everyone’s strategic skills.

Amish Kick Scooters – A collection of sturdy scooters with sizes for every member of the family. Families can enjoy getting some fresh air and exercise while viewing the scenery of their own neighborhoods.

Croquet Sets – A collection of everything you need to get your family outside playing croquet right away. As a popular lawn game, croquet is designed to allow an even playing field, no matter the physical skills of the players, letting your family grow closer without too much competition.

Visual Appeal

While Amish toys are highly entertaining for all members of the family, they are also visually pleasing. Most Amish toys are handcrafted and delicately made by skilled Amish craftsmen. This handcrafted aspect provides additional value, making each toy a unique, one-of-a-kind find.

Just because a toy is made from simple ingredients using age-old methods doesn’t mean it’s simple in appearance. Most Amish toys are crafted with visual design in mind, creating an entertaining toy that also looks stunning. These toys are perfect additions to many playrooms or nurseries, helping families create a cohesive aesthetic for each room of their home. And with a variety of colors to choose from for most toys, families can almost always find a perfect match for other furniture and toys already in place.

Quality Amish Toys at Amish Toy Box

Providing your children with hand-rafted Amish toys is a great way to give your entire family entertainment in visually-stunning packages. Amish toys have continued to delight children and adults alike for many years, and they’ll continue to delight for generations to come. Each Amish toy is likely to become a new family favorite, quickly transforming into a family heirloom piece that each new child gets to enjoy. At Amish Toy Box, we’re dedicated to bringing the fun and simple enjoyment of Amish toys to families all around the world.

How to Enjoy Kubb with Friends and Family

kubb game

Finding a game that everyone in your family or friend group can enjoy isn't always an easy task. It's even harder to find a game that provides a fun time while also helping everyone stay mentally and physically active. But with the Kubb game, everyone can have a good time while playing together. Whether you're getting the extended family together for a long summer afternoon or looking for something new to add to your Saturday game group, Kubb is sure to delight all who play.

What is Kubb?

Kubb is a lawn game that's a mix between horseshoes and bowling. Like in bowling, you're trying to knock down objects to score points. And like in horseshoes, you have a wide playing field that requires you to focus on your aim if you want to win. While there's no definitive answer on when Kubb was invented, games similar to it have been around since the sixteenth century. And once you start to play for yourself, it's easy to see how this lawn game has survived for so long in households around the world.

How to Play

There are several rules and variations to Kubb depending on which country or region you're playing, but the basics are the same throughout. Kubb is a pretty straightforward game that anyone can get the hang of pretty easily, making it perfect for families with younger children. 

kubb game

The Set-Up

To start, players define the play area, also known as the pitch. The play area is rectangular and can be on pretty much any surface, be it grass, concrete, snow, or even sand. While it can be helpful to lay down tape or other visual aids to define the play area, it isn't necessary. 

Players divide into teams and choose which side of the play area they want to control. They then place their wooden poles, known as Kubbs, along the edge of the play area. Each team should have five Kubbs, for a total of ten. These Kubbs are called the baseline Kubbs. The king (another wooden pole bigger and taller than the others) is then placed in the center of the pitch.

The Toss

Once the play area is set up, teams decide who gets to go first. Deciding which team goes first can be a fun part of Kubb too! You can decide that the losers or winners of the previous games get to go first, or you can toss a coin to decide. 

The first team to go, Team A, takes their six batons and tosses them from their side of the field to the opponent's side, attempting to knock down the other team's Kubbs. Official regulations dictate that a player must throw the baton underhanded and that the baton must spin end over end. However, if you aren't playing in an official tournament, you can adjust the rules however you'd like to accommodate each player. 

Field Kubbs

Once Team A has finished throwing all six batons, Team B must deal with their knocked-down Kubbs. Any Kubb that was knocked down must be tossed to the opposite side of the pitch, where they are then placed upright where they land. These Kubbs are called field Kubbs, and must be knocked down before a team can attempt to knock down the original baseline Kubbs.


In order for a team to win, they must successfully knock down all the field and baseline Kubbs of the opposing team and knock down the king in the center. Games can be as short as five minutes or as long as an hour, depending on the skill of each player.

Rule Adjustments

When playing any kind of skill or sports game, everyone has the most fun when the playing field is level. If you have a mix of players, such as adults and children, you may find that a few house rules help make the game more enjoyable for all.

Baseline Throws

The official rules of Kubb dictate that players must throw their batons from their team's baseline. However, you can give some players a handicap by allowing them to throw from any point on the field. This helps even the odds for players who aren't as strong or tall as others.


In an official game of Kubb, if the king pole is knocked down before the other Kubbs, the throwing team automatically loses. There's also a rule that states that all field Kubbs need to be knocked down before the baseline Kubbs. If a baseline Kubb is knocked over, the throwing team loses the rest of their turn. However, for players who have difficulty with their aim, these rules can be ignored. 

Where to Get the Kubb Game

Kubb is a wonderful lawn game that everyone in your family or friend group can enjoy. With special house rules, everyone can have fun regardless of age, size, or physical ability. If you're looking for a fun game for everyone, try the Kubb game kit from Amish Toy Box. Our Kubb package includes everything you need to get started having fun with your friends and family. We also offer a variety of other lawn games, including croquet sets and Quoits. No matter who you're playing with, you can all have fun playing Kubb.

Are Amish Toys Fun?

Amish toys

When most people think about the Amish, “fun” probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind. With the newest and latest technologies always vying for attention, it can be hard to picture a life spent without them as interesting. However, recreation is appreciated by all, and the Amish have perfected their crafting skills to create enjoyable and beautiful toys for the whole family. Amish toys bring back the simple joys in life, providing hours of entertainment as well as important skill development for children. When you purchase an Amish toy, your entire household benefits.

Toddler Amish Toys

Toddlers go through crucial development stages, and they need the right kind of stimulating play to help them improve their skills. Amish toys for toddlers are designed to be fun and to provide opportunities for toddlers to build those skills.

Amish Rocking Horse

The rocking horse has been around for generations. It provides the perfect environment for your toddlers to develop both fine motor skills and core strength. But they won’t even notice that’s going on as they’ll be too busy having fun pretending they’re riding on a real horse. With an expertly crafted design, an Amish rocking horse will not only provide hours of play, but it will also fit perfectly in any nursery or playroom.

Wooden Block Set

Wooden blocks are a great toy for any toddler to have. Building blocks help toddlers develop motor skills and creative problem-solving skills. They’ll have to learn how to stack and arrange their blocks to make them fit. And with blocks that have numbers or letters on them, they’ll even get a head start on early education. Amish wooden blocks are a staple of many homes, and their sturdy construction and long-lasting (toxic-free) finish make any block set an easy heirloom toy for each generation of your family to enjoy.

Amish toys

Amish Toys for Kids

As children start to grow older, their needs in toys begin to change. Toys for kids can include more complex designs and situations, capitalizing on the skills they built as a toddler and helping them develop even more skills as they continue to grow.

Dolls and Doll Furniture

Every kid can benefit from their own doll and doll furniture. Having a doll helps foster empathy and caretaking in a child. And with furniture such as a cradle, wardrobe, and high chair, your kids can learn to properly care for their doll while boosting their imagination. Amish dolls and doll furniture are expertly crafted to be both sturdy and visually appealing, making each item a gorgeous new addition to your home.

Vehicle Toys

Vehicles have long captured the imagination of children everywhere. Just because the Amish don’t partake in many modern vehicles themselves, they understand how to make toys that children delight in. Amish vehicle toys include trains, planes, trucks, and construction machinery that help ignite a child’s imagination. Your kids will spend hours transporting imaginary (or real) goods around their playroom.


Kids love to be involved in a lot of activities that can be hazardous, such as cooking or being in the workshop. But with a child-safe playset of their own, they can mimic the actions of their parents or older siblings without the risk of harm. Having their own child-sized kitchen or workstation allows kids the chance to learn through mimicking. Not only can this help them bond with their family members, but it helps prepare them for whatever career they look forward to growing up.

Family Amish Toys

Toys aren’t just for kids, and Amish toys aren’t just dolls and wooden blocks. The whole family can enjoy hours of fun with a variety of games and toys designed for togetherness. 

Board Games

Family board games are a classic way to get everyone together and build some quality time. With games like aggravation, chess, and checkers, everyone in the family can have fun while improving their strategy skills. And board games aren’t just for the family! Friends can also grow closer and have fun while playing classic games that have entertained people for generations.

Lawn Games

Getting the family outside is a major struggle for many households. But with Amish lawn games, your family will be itching to get outside and enjoy long summer afternoons playing. With Croquet, Kubb, Quoits, and Rice Pitch, your family can have fun and get some fresh air and exercise. Lawn games have long been a favorite pastime of many families. The health benefits of playing outdoors only add to the fun experience each game provides.

Amish Scooters

While they’re not a toy in the traditional sense, Amish scooters are a great activity the entire family can enjoy. Not only does a scooter get you where you need to go, but it’s also perfect for a relaxing ride through the neighborhood with your family. Each member of the family can enjoy a scenic ride on their scooter with a variety of sizes available to perfectly match both kids and adults.

Amish Toys at Amish Toy Box

At Amish Toy Box, we’re dedicated to bringing the simple joys and fun of the Amish lifestyle to modern families. Amish toys are designed to provide hours of fun for everyone in the family, and they look stunning while doing so. Our partnership with Amish craftspeople in Lancaster County, PA, has helped children and adults from all over enjoy the fun Amish toys can provide. If you want a gorgeously crafted piece of Amish design that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your family’s face, browse our collection of toys and games online. 

Why Wooden Croquet Sets Are So Popular

wooden croquet sets

Ever since its initial popularity in the late 1800s, Croquet has been a backyard game of choice among many families. While clubs and Croquet societies help bring regulation to the sport, it’s also enjoyed leisurely with friends, families, and colleagues. With a wooden Croquet set from Amish Toy Box at home, you can spend long summer afternoons bonding with your loved ones. Here are just some of the reasons wooden Croquet sets have become so popular among households.

Beautiful Craftsmanship

When you order a wooden Croquet set from Amish Toy Box, you know you’re getting a beautifully crafted piece of Amish woodwork. Wooden Croquet sets surpass their metal competitors on basic visual appeal alone. The gorgeous design and delicate carving work make each Croquet set a stunning work of art. You’re more likely to want to display your set indoors than play with them outdoors.

But when you do get around to using the set for fun gatherings, everyone will be able to appreciate the fine craft that went into them. Our Amish partners in Lancaster County have perfected the art of turning maple wood into gorgeous Croquet sets you can be proud to own. With a stunning appearance and a durable build, your family will be able to enjoy their Croquet set for generations, making it an unexpected but fully welcomed new heirloom piece.

Competitive Play

If someone in your gaming group has a competitive streak, Croquet is definitely the game for them. While it’s not as die-hard in competition as other outdoor sports, Croquet has earned itself popularity for its competitive nature. In fact, part of Croquet’s initial popularity was due to the fact that it was the first outdoor game that both women and men could play on equal footing. Because the game is mostly about strategy and finesse, it’s perfect for players of any age, size, or gender to enjoy.

A wooden Croquet set helps you enjoy the competition even more. Your family and friends will each vie for their favorite mallet and ball, handcrafted and painted to appeal to a wide audience. Everyone can choose their favorite color and maybe even play some smaller games ahead of time if there’s a more popular color among the bunch. Having a wooden Croquet set at home helps you bond with your friends and family while providing that competitive edge that makes most games so enjoyable.

wooden croquet sets

Creative Design

Because Croquet isn’t about physique or muscle use, it’s the perfect opportunity for players to flex their creative muscles. Everything from the initial set-up to the actual gameplay requires creative thinking and problem-solving skills. 

To start the game, one person sets up arches in a course of their own making. For instance, someone can place an arch right next to the tree in your backyard. Or they could create a unique spiral design or other shape of their choosing. There are a lot of ways you can choose who gets to set up the course, including:

  • Letting the Youngest or Oldest Player Design
  • Having the Previous Loser or Winner Design
  • Playing a Round of Rock-Paper-Scissors or Similar
  • Picking a Non-Player to Design the Course

And course set-up isn’t the only creative part of Croquet. Depending on where the arches are set up, players have to make creative choices in figuring out how to get their ball along the course. And with the ability to knock other players’ balls out of the way, Croquet also becomes a game of social intrigue and sabotage. 

The Benefits of a Wooden Croquet Set

While Croquet itself is a fun game no matter how it’s played, there are many benefits to using a wooden Croquet set from Amish Toy Box. Aside from the beautiful design, wooden Croquet sets also offer:

  • Extreme durability and hardiness, no matter how often it’s played
  • Matching wooden stand and carrying bag for easy transport and gorgeous display
  • Easy purchase of new or replacement mallets
  • Non-Toxic, child-safe finish that makes the set fun and safe for the whole family
  • Support of Amish-owned small businesses

Owning a wooden Croquet set allows you to enjoy a fun outdoor game while also appreciating the delicate and durable craft of Amish builders. 

Wooden Croquet Set Options

At Amish Toy Box, our goal is to bring the charm and fun of Amish living to modern homes, and with our wooden Croquet sets, we’ve hit the mark. We offer Amish-made wooden Croquet sets for six and eight players, along with a full collection of individual Croquet items for replacements or additions. We also have a variety of other lawn games your family can spend the afternoon or evenings enjoying together. You can shop our collection of Croquet sets and other lawn games here.

Furnish Your Dollhouse with Wooden Doll Furniture

wooden doll furniture

Dollhouses have long been a favorite among children, both young and old. Even teens and adults can enjoy the imaginative play a dollhouse with wooden doll furniture offers. Families can gather around their play home and decorate it in their own style as they act out various scenarios. And with the delicate and beautiful craftsmanship of the Amish folk who make our wooden doll furniture, your dollhouse will be an aesthetic addition to any playroom or nursery. You’ll never want to put it away, even when you’re done playing with it.


Everyone can admire the joys of having their own bedroom and being able to decorate it in their own style. Not only can a well-furnished dollhouse enhance your child’s room, but it can allow them the creativity to decorate their own room in that dollhouse. Wooden doll furniture adds a stylistic approach, but it’s not the only way to decorate. While our Amish-made, beautifully crafted bedroom set furnishes your home, your child can let their creativity run wild with decorations.

Our bedroom furniture set was designed by the talented Amish craftsmen at Lapps Toys in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This four-piece set is made out of sturdy wood with a child-safe, non-toxic finish that will keep both furniture and children safe during play. The bedroom furniture set includes a bed, side table, dresser, and vanity. Your child can enjoy arranging their new wooden furniture pieces however they see fit, and you can even add some color by finishing the pieces off with a child-safe paint job. No matter how you play, the bedroom set will be there waiting for your dolls when the day is done.

wooden doll furniture

Dining Room

It’s often said that family dinner is an important part of any household. Gathering around the table, sharing good food and good conversation is the best way for any family to come together. But the table doesn’t have to be yours, and the food doesn’t have to be real. With our wooden dining furniture set for dollhouses, you and your children can bond over an imaginary meal as well.

Delicately crafted to remain sturdy during any mealtime, our dining room set is sure to add sophistication and enjoyment to any dollhouse. The dining room furniture set comes with a table that perfectly fits four wooden chairs around it for all of your dolls to gather together. It also features a charming wooden cabinet that your children can pretend houses their fancy home’s fancy dishes. You can further enhance your wooden doll furniture dining set by creating cushions for the chairs out of cotton or making plates and food out of clay to set the table with. Whether you’re gathered around a real table or dollhouse table, your family is sure to enjoy themselves with bonding time.


You can’t properly enjoy food in your dining room without a kitchen to prepare it in. For any future chef in your family, our kitchen doll furniture collection is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Children can spend their days playing cook, pretending to host elaborate dinner parties for all of their doll guests, or just making a simple breakfast for their doll family to enjoy. With the right atmosphere and Amish-crafted wooden doll furniture, any child can enjoy every room of their dollhouse.

Our deluxe kitchen set for dollhouses comes with three all-important kitchen necessities. Your child can keep their doll’s groceries safe with a free-standing fridge that can fit on any side of the room. They can wash and prepare their meals on a full-size counter with a built-in sink and decorative drawers and cabinets. And finally, your children will be able to imagine cooking up a meal of their own creation with a beautifully crafted kitchen stove. Our Amish-made wooden kitchen furniture set is sure to inspire and amaze children of any age who enjoy spending their time cooking or baking, all without the risk of injury or harm.

Living Room

After a long day of work, school, and play, gathering together in the living room is a great way for families to relax and unwind together. And with our wooden living room doll furniture set, now your child’s dolls can experience the same relaxation. The living room is the perfect place for friends and families to gather, and you’ll find your child’s dolls hanging around the living room all the time. With cushioned seats and your child’s personal flair, it will quickly become the must-see room of any dollhouse.

Our beautiful and delicately crafted living room set includes a loveseat, armchair, and side table that’s perfect for your dolls to gather around. It’s designed to work well with any other living room furniture your dollhouse has, be it bookshelves for reading dolls or a stack of miniature game sets for dolls that love to play. And when your child has their friends over for a doll visit, they’ll be impressed by the level of comfort and sophistication this wooden doll furniture set offers.

Wooden Doll Furniture for Every Room

At AmishToyBox, we believe in bringing the beautiful craftsmanship of our Amish partners to everyone’s home. The delicate and amazing work of our Amish craftsmen creates an impressive and aesthetic addition to any dollhouse. With our Amish-made wooden doll furniture, your child can spend hours enjoying decorating their dollhouse and playing inside it. Even you can have fun with the imagination our doll furniture sets bring. You can order any one of our room sets to enhance a room of your dollhouse, or splurge and get all four for a perfectly decorated dollhouse right from the start.

Best Gifts for Kids

Shopping for kids isn’t always easy. You want to make sure you find toys and other gifts that fit their age, play style, and personal interests. At the same time, you want gifts that will provide both joy and educational opportunities. Wooden toys make great gifts that are durable for any style or length of play. And with a wide variety of wooden toys to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something for every kid in your life.

Wooden Toys for Toddlers

Shopping for toddlers brings an extra factor of safety into consideration. While all wooden toys are designed with safety in mind, you want to make sure you aren’t buying a gift that will be difficult for your toddler to interact with. Here are some of the most popular wooden gifts for toddlers.

Amish-Made Wooden Rocking Horse

Rocking horses have been around for generations, and they’ll continue to provide hours of entertainment for years to come. With an Amish-made wooden rocking horse, your toddler gets a gift they can thoroughly enjoy, and you get a beautifully crafted and designed piece that will enhance the décor of any playroom or nursery. Wooden rocking horses make excellent gifts for toddlers because they provide both fun and motor development. While your toddler rocks along and pretends to be a cowpoke, they’re also developing their core muscles and upper motor skills.

Wooden Building Blocks

Building blocks are a favorite among younger and older children for many reasons. Their unique shapes offer an immediate burst of joy to look at, and color variations add even more fun to the mix. Playing with building blocks doesn’t just provide hours of fun; it also helps build essential skills. Toddlers will learn fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative problem-solving as they build a tower or town as grand as their imagination.

Wooden Toys for Older Kids

For the rough-and-tumble child in your life, there’s a large collection of wooden toys just waiting to help get their energy out and help them explore new aspects of their personality. As kids age, they’re constantly looking for new experiences and learning opportunities, even if they don’t know it. Here are some common wooden toy gifts that are sure to please older children.

Wooden Toy Train Set

Who wouldn’t want to pretend they’re a conductor and send their passengers on their way? Toy train sets have been a popular gift for children for decades, and they continue to impress today. With a beautifully crafted, Amish-made wooden toy train set, your child can build their own tracks, learn to manage their time, and build on their imaginative skills.

Wooden Truck Toys

Trucks and other transportation devices have enamored the hearts of children everywhere since they were invented. And Amish-made vehicle toys have been a popular gift for children for just as long! These sturdy wooden toys are designed to last and remain durable after hours of play. So, no matter how rough the session gets, your kid’s new toys will last them for a lifetime and beyond.

Wooden Toys for Nurturing Kids

For the caring and nurturing girls and boys in your life, there’s a carefully curated collection of wooden toys designed to build social skills and enhance emotional development. Kids never stop learning, and it’s never too soon to instill social values in their minds. Here are some of the more popular wooden toy gifts that are sure to provide joy and build skills for nurturing children.

Wooden Doll Furniture

Dolls themselves are a classic gift that’s sure to please. But providing wooden doll furniture further helps children develop their social skills. With cradles, wardrobes, houses, and highchairs, your child can actively work on taking care of their dolls. These important play sessions help kids develop empathy and care for others, helping them succeed in their life as they grow.

Wooden Wagon

Wagons are a great gift for most kids, especially those who love the outdoors. Nothing is more fun than running around the yard, pulling their wagon along. And if they get to fill that wagon with something important to them, even better. Your children can enjoy helping out with gardening as they cart flowers or seed packets around the yard. They can also bond with their younger siblings and pets by giving them a ride. No matter what they’re toting along, kids are sure to love their new wooden wagon toy.

Wooden Toys for Kids at Amish Toy Box

At Amish Toy Box, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality toys designed by Amish craftsmen. Each toy we sell is crafted to provide both entertainment and education to your children. With a child-safe finish, you don’t have to worry about your kids getting sick or hurt while playing with their new wooden toys. If you’re looking for a gift that is sure to please them and help develop important life skills, then shop our collection of wooden toys at

Are Rocking Horses Safe?

You want your child to have fun while they play, but you also want them to be safe. Protecting their children is often the first goal whenever parents purchase a new toy, especially a ride-on toy. With the popularity of rocking horses for toddlers and younger children, it’s important to understand how to keep riders safe as they play. With an Amish-made rocking horse, your child can develop important motor skills and creativity while staying safely in their saddle.

Rocking Horse Size

One of the main contributing factors to a rocking horse’s safety is the size of the horse and the height of the seat. Many falls from rocking horses occur because the horse is too big for a younger child to straddle or the seat is too high for their feet to reach the ground. When your child sits on their Amish-made rocking horse, it’s important that their legs fit fully around the sides and that they can touch the floor with their feet.

Rocking horses can be designed to safely rock infants as young as six months old. These specially designed horses or other rocking animals have seats that secure the child while they rock. For older children, the use of their legs to push the horse and their upper body to help keep momentum helps them develop their motor skills as they play. Finding the right size of the rocking horse is important to know if it’s safe for your child.

For example, a rocking horse that’s 21 inches tall shouldn’t be used by a child under 18 months, in order to ensure that they not only fit comfortably but also ride safely.

Sturdy Build

rocking horse

The natural rocking design of the rocking horse has been used time and time again and is not inherently dangerous for children to use. However, weak materials and less-than-perfect craftsmanship can cause the mechanics to fail, creating dangerous situations that could lead to injury.

At Amish Toy Box, we’re dedicated to ensuring the quality of both material and craft. Each rocking horse is made by experienced Amish craftspeople in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with locally sourced Pinewood. The strength of the wood prevents any breaks from damaging the structure of the toy. Your child can rock as long and as hard as they like without worry that their horse will break.

Non-Toxic Finish

One of the main concerns regarding the safety of children’s toys is the finish used. Many finishes for things like furniture use chemicals and other toxins to help preserve the material or color. At Amish Toy Box, all of our toys are made with child-safe, non-toxic finishes that protect both the toy and your child. Kids are prone to licking things or putting non-food items in their mouths, so it’s important to ensure that no matter what they’re playing with, it’s safe for them to experiment. 

Child’s Motor Skills

While age and size play a factor in keeping a child safe on a rocking horse, not everyone develops at the same rate. Rocking horses are a great toy to help younger children develop motor skills, but they can pose safety risks to children who haven’t fully grasped the use of their muscles yet.

When a child uses a rocking horse, they engage most of the muscles in their body. Their core muscles help them stay sitting; their back and leg muscles help them move the horse; their arm and finger muscles help them grip the handles. An Amish-made rocking horse is the perfect toy for children who have started to develop these muscles and motor skills. It helps them better define their abilities and develop further, leading to better motor skills as an adult.

However, if a child hasn’t gotten the basics down, they are more likely to fall off. If you want your child to be safe on a rocking horse, make sure they can do the following first:

Sit up on their own

Grasp medium to small objects in their hands

Use their arms to assist in crawling or standing up

If your child is having trouble with these, a rocking horse may not be the safest toy. While there are rocking horses available that have safety seats and harnesses, it may be better to invest in other toys that can help with basic motor skills before upgrading your child to a rocking horse.


As with any new toy, it’s a good idea to supervise your child when introducing them to a rocking horse. Younger children may even need your help getting the horse to rock as they develop the coordination to do it themselves. Playing with your child as they rock is a good way to help keep them safe, and you get some fun bonding time as well.

If you are unable to supervise your child as they play but want to ensure their safety, make sure you set them up somewhere with softer ground, such as a carpet or plush rug, to prevent serious injuries if they do happen to fall.

Amish-Made Rocking Horses at Amish Toy Box

At Amish Toy Box, we’re dedicated to providing families with quality Amish-made toys. Our Amish-made rocking horse is designed to provide hours of fun and creativity for your child. The expert craftsmanship of our builders ensures that your new rocking horse is solid and safe for your family for generations to come. If you want to provide a safe and fun experience for your child that also helps them with physical development, get them a rocking horse.

The Handcrafted Difference for Doll Furniture

handcrafted doll furniture

Doll furniture is a great way to let your kids have fun while encouraging them to develop their nurturing side. With cribs, high chairs, and even wardrobes, your child can learn to care for their doll while they play. But not all doll furniture is made the same. Handcrafted doll furniture is designed with loving care, the very same kind of consideration playing with dolls creates in your children. Having handmade doll furniture creates an heirloom piece that your family can enjoy for generations. You’ll be surprised at the difference a handcrafted object can make.

Child Safety

Any children’s toy needs to be designed with their safety in mind. While mass-produced doll furniture may seem enticing, there’s not always a guarantee that it’s safe for children to use, especially younger children. Handcrafted doll furniture is made to keep your kids safe through the years. With non-toxic finishes and sturdy construction materials, you can rest easy knowing that your child can play to their heart’s content without getting sick or injured.


Toys also need to stand up to whatever kids can throw at them. Because they are made on a mass scale and with a quick turnaround time, most doll furniture is likely to break after heavy use. Handcrafted doll furniture, on the other hand, is made to last longer. No matter how rough your kids are, the solid construction and sturdy materials will continue to hold up. This way, your doll furniture can last not just for your kid’s lifetime, but your grandkid’s life as well. These beautifully handcrafted items are guaranteed to be the newest heirloom object for your family to pass down from generation to generation.

handcrafted doll furniture


Looking at the initial cost of a handcrafted piece of doll furniture and a mass-produced one, it may seem cheaper to purchase the latter. However, with their timely design and lasting durability, handcrafted doll furniture actually saves you money in the long run. You won’t have to keep spending money on replacement parts or new furniture when old ones get worn out. These items will last for years to come, saving you from having to buy new toys for your kids and grandkids in the future.

Beautiful Design

Each piece of handcrafted doll furniture is given the care and attention needed to create a beautiful design. Not only is the design sturdy and child-friendly, but it’s also visually pleasing and adult-approved. No matter what aesthetic you have in your nursery or playroom, handcrafted doll furniture is guaranteed to match, especially with customization options chosen with home décor in mind. Each piece is lovingly made and sculpted to not just provide your child with hours of entertainment but also to add a sense of style and design to whatever room it’s featured in.


Because each piece of furniture is made by hand, you’re guaranteed a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of doll furniture. All of your children’s friends and neighbors will love bringing their dolls over to rest in beautifully designed cribs and store clothes in unique dressers and wardrobes. Each unique piece provides a special sense of ownership that you and your kids can be proud of.

Craft Support

With the increased popularity of mass-produced items, handcrafted anything is a bit of a dying art. When you purchase handcrafted doll furniture, you support craftspeople who dedicate their lives to providing homes with beautiful and sturdy items. By supporting them, you help others discover the joyful difference that handcrafted items make. Not only do you get a gorgeous new product for your home, but you also support the artisan economy.

Handcrafted Doll Furniture at Amish Toy Box

At, our goal is to provide homes with high-quality Amish-made toys. We’ve teamed up with Amish craftspeople at Lapps Toys and Furniture in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to help realize that dream. Each piece of doll furniture is lovingly handcrafted and designed to provide your children with hours of fun.

Our two collections of 18”-22” doll furniture, as well as our dollhouse and miniature furniture, are designed to be child-safe. We provide everything your child’s doll could need, including cribs, beds, wardrobes, chests, and high chairs. Your young one can learn to care for their doll while staying safe and having fun.

Handcrafted doll furniture provides your family with a generational product that is beautifully designed to fit with your home’s aesthetic. These Amish-made pieces will keep your children entertained for hours as they play and learn alongside their beloved dolls. Your children love their dolls with care and attention, so make sure you provide them with doll furniture that matches that level of dedication. You can browse our selection of wooden doll furniture online or give us a call at (740) 277-1982 if you have any questions about your order.

Wooden Games for the Whole Family

wooden games

Getting the family together for game night isn’t always the easiest task. From coordinating schedules to picking out a game everyone loves, there’s a lot to plan. But your next game night can be easy with a collection of wooden games that the whole family is guaranteed to enjoy. From outdoor fun with wooden croquet sets to the ever-popular wooden aggravation game, smiles will abound as your family has fun and strengthens their bonds.

Indoor Wooden Games

On cold winter nights or late summers up with older family members, indoor wooden games are a treat for all. 

Wooden Chinese Checkers

Chinese checkers is well-known and easy to play. With our carefully handcrafted wooden playing board, your family can enjoy long-lasting durability for years to come. Our wooden Chinese checkers set is hand-painted to add a beautiful aesthetic to whatever room you play your games in. With the included colored marbles, you’ll have everything you need to get started playing as soon as you sit down with your family.

Wooden Mancala Games

Originating in the 7th century, Mancala is easily one of the oldest games still played today. The two-player strategy game is perfect for competitive siblings who like an extra challenge, couples looking for a fun way to bond, and grandparents who want to teach their grandchildren something new. The beautiful wooden game board is sleek and small, easily able to fit in any storage solution and looks stylish when out on display. With the added strategy needed to play this game, it’s great for anyone who’s looking for family fun and mental exercise.

Wooden Aggravation Game

Aggravation is one of the most popular family games available today, and the wooden aggravation game set is the perfect addition to family game night. Despite the game’s name, also referred to as the Wahoo game, there is nothing but fun to be had when playing aggravation with your family. By moving marbles around a gameboard according to dice rolls, you can send your family members into a state of ‘aggravation’ by landing on their spaces. The sturdy handcrafted and hand-painted wooden aggravation game board is guaranteed to withstand years of use and fun.

Wooden Chess and Checkers

These classics have never looked so good. A wooden combination chess and checker game board is the best way to spend an afternoon, evening, or even morning with your family. Beautiful handcrafted pieces bring a touch of elegance to your game time. And the strategic planning needed to win helps strengthen your mental muscles and prepares you for even tougher mental puzzles. With a wooden chess and checkers set, your family will have years of enjoyment and learning ahead of them.

wooden aggravation game

Outdoor Wooden Games

Wooden games aren’t just restricted to indoor use. On sunny days, you can gather the family outside for fun and physical exercise.

Wooden Croquet

Families everywhere have long enjoyed summer afternoons and evenings playing a rousing game of croquet. This popular game was made with beautiful wooden craftsmanship and includes study posts and mallets ready to withstand years of use. And with non-toxic finishings, they’re made to stand up to harsh sun rays and rain. The beautiful wooden croquet set is sure to keep everyone entertained as they get outside and enjoy the wonders of nature.

Wooden Kubb

Originating from Sweden, Kubb is a classic game that goes by a fantastical alternate name: Viking Chess. Kubb is a combination of bowling and horseshoes, where family members try to knock wooden pegs down by tossing batons at them. Although throwing wood around may sound like a dangerous family activity, the game itself is very safe to play and can be a great tool for teaching younger family members how to control their aim and power. With its handcrafted touch and weather-safe finish, the wooden Kubb set is perfect for families who enjoy spending time together outdoors.

Wooden Rice Pitch Game

As a variant of the popular cornhole game, rice pitch adds a fun element of shuffleboard to the mix. The handcrafted and painted wooden boards are well designed for both indoor and outdoor use, though throwing beanbags inside should be restricted to rooms with non-breakables in them! Child and adult family members alike can enjoy the thrill of earning points while building muscles and working on hand-eye coordination. The whole family will be able to bond and enjoy time spent together for years to come with the durable quality only wooden games can provide.

The Best Wooden Games for Your Family

If you’re looking for a great way to spend time with your family, either indoors or outdoors, look no further than the products offered by At, we aim to help families realize how much fun they can have together with our collection of both indoor and outdoor wooden games. Whether you’re looking for a well-designed wooden croquet set or a fun and stylish wooden aggravation game set, our products are sure to delight and entertain you and your family. If you’re interested in boosting the fun of your next family game night, you can easily order any of our wooden games online. Each game set is guaranteed to bring you the best in fine Amish craftsmanship and family togetherness.