Berlin Flyer Sport Kid's Express Wagon, Model F410

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Designed in 1965, the Berlin Flyer Sport Kids Express Wagon is one of the best wooden wagons available on the market today. As a Mennonite-owned business from Holmes County, Ohio, Berlin Flyer Express Wagons are carefully designed with fine Amish craftsmanship. If you want to bring the fun and charm of simple living into your backyard, the Berlin F410 is the perfect companion to add.

Of the entire Berlin Flyers Wagon line, the F410 is easily the workhorse of them all, with larger features and sturdy wheels perfect for heavy lifting. The power and durability of the F410 are perfect for both fun and work! Whether your child is interested in riding around for hours on end or helping with outdoor chores, the Berlin Flyer Sport Kids Express Wagon is designed to keep up with their activities.

We source sturdy hardwood and steel hardware that will last for years, keeping your new wagon in perfect shape for every generation of your family. And every part of the Berlin F410 is made locally in Ohio, apart from the wheels. By locally sourcing parts and materials, we guarantee the quality and security of your child's new favorite toy. And with a non-toxic finish, these wagons are safe for children and pets alike.

The F410 features a 36" X 17.25" hardwood bed capable of carrying up to 300 lbs. With tires measuring 10" X 4" and filled with foam, the F410 can travel longer without any wear and tear. Hardwood safety rails are fitted to the sides of the wagon to provide safety and are easy to remove and place for any wagon need.

The Berlin Flyer Sport Kids Express Wagon's safety rails come in a variety of colors to match every outdoor aesthetic. Choose from any of the following to enhance your family's outdoor living space:

  • Red
  • Emerald Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Gray
  • Hunter Green
  • Pink
  • Blue

For the same great design and enjoyment without the need for additional power and workload, we also offer the Berlin Flyer Express F310 model.

At, we're devoted to providing your family with quality Amish-made toys and games the whole family can enjoy. Your children are guaranteed years of enjoyment with their new Berlin Flyer Sport Kids Express Wagon. We keep a close eye on production and shipping in order to guarantee the quality of every product we deliver. If you have any issues with your orders, you can give us a call at 740-277-1982.

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