Groffdale Chopper Kid's Deluxe Trike

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$ 359.50 


There’s nothing better than spending a long summer afternoon out with the family on a bike ride. And for kids who aren’t quite ready to tackle the bicycle world, there’s the Groffdale Chopper Kids Deluxe Trike to give them the ride of their life.

Designed and crafted by the talented Amish folk in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this deluxe trike is the perfect first mode of transportation for anyone. Its smooth design and style will help your children feel comfortable and confident as they cruise along on their Groffdale Chopper. Anyone from ages 3-12 can enjoy the ride as they practice their pedaling skills and prepare themselves for their future bicycle days.

The Groffdale Chopper Kids Deluxe Trike has several safety and comfort features designed with children in mind. The seat features 7.5” of adjustment and can be moved easily with no tools required. The trike is outfitted with a low profile that prevents tip-overs, keeping your kids safe as they have fun. Additional safety is provided with a hand brake feature so you or your child can take control and stop the trike should any inclines get in the way. Each Groffdale Chopper Trike is finished with powder-coated paint to help ensure maximum durability for years to come.

The Amish craftsmen who make this trike want you and your family to experience a lifetime of fun. With the adjustable seat, the Groffdale Chopper Kids Deluxe Trike can accommodate your child as they grow, so you aren’t buying a new trike each time your kid has a growth spurt.

The overall length of the Amish-made Groffdale Chopper is 43.5” with a width of 23.5”. Assembly is required, but we do everything possible to ensure that the assembly of each toy is easy and quick. You can choose from one of three vibrant colors: yellow, light blue, and red.

If your family enjoys your new Groffdale Chopper Kids Deluxe Trike, be sure to check out our other ride-on products. We also provide classic wagons, youth and adult scooters, and even handcrafted wooden riding horses for toddlers. No matter the ages of your family members, we have a fun and comfortable mode of transportation for everyone to enjoy.

All of the products sold by Amish Toybox are handcrafted and hand-painted by our Amish craftsmen. They are stored in our local facilities, ensuring that the quality and integrity of each item are highly maintained. We handpick, pack, and ship all of our products straight from us to you, keeping track of your order to make sure it arrives on time and in perfect condition. We pride ourselves on quality customer service and will work quickly to resolve any problems. If you do encounter a problem with your Groffdale Chopper Kids Deluxe Trike, please contact us.

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