Amish-Made Deluxe Wooden 8 Player Croquet Game Set

Groffdale Machine Shop

$ 439.50 


Deluxe 8 Player Croquet Set. If you take a Sunday afternoon drive through Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, there is a good chance you will see Amish families enjoying a relaxing game of Croquet. Larry Kauffman (owner of also has many fond memories of playing Croquet in the backyard with his family during his teenage years. Now you can have the same opportunity for relaxing fun and friendly competition with your family. Our Deluxe Wooden Croquet Set is made in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Amish Craftsmen. Each Croquet Set contains 8 hardwood Maple wood mallets which are lathe-turned and hand painted in sectioned rings with matching colors to their corresponding balls. Two brass rings adorn each end of the mallet head to prevent the wood from cracking. The two hardwood stakes are lathe-turned with multicolored sections. The nine 5/32" diameter vinyl-coated, metal wickets are very substantial and will not easily bend. The 8 balls are made from a plastic polymer and are 3-5/16" in diameter. We offer our Deluxe Croquet sets with 3 mallet handle length options: The 28" handles (great for youth up to medium-height adults), the best-selling 32" handles (perfect for medium height up to tall adults), or 4 each of the 28" and 32" handles (what we normally recommend for the widest range of players). Finally, choose between a lovely Pinewood holder with a carrying handle or a duffel carry bag so you can keep your Croquet Game easily organized. We offer a 5 Year Warranty on all the parts of the croquet set and will replace them at no charge if they are broken or damaged within 5 years of purchase. We also sell individual replacement parts here on our website for your croquet game. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Tim Poyhonen
Meticulous Craftsmanship

If your looking to replace an older worn-out version of Croquet like I did, & you want a truly family heirloom you found it. I ordered the 8 player set with 28 inch handles, wooden holder, & carrying bag. It is truly one of a kind. Craftsmanship like you've never seen before. Handles fit securely into mallets, Wooden holder is very well constructed. You will not regret it.

Tim Poyhonen
Hancock, Mi

Melanie Henderson
Childhood memories

I ordered this as a b-day surprise for my husband as he mentioned playing croquet as a kid. While it did seem pricey, it was well worth the purchase! I selected one with 4-long, and 4-short mallets for our vertically challenged family and friends. The craftsmanship is excellent, definitely that of a Master craftsman. We LOVE this set. Would highly recommend to anyone considering the purchase of a croquet set. Would buy again, but won't be necessary as this set is going to last at least a lifetime!

LaFaye Ferguson
Croquet set

I tried to order when phone wasn't working and order wouldn't go through. I reached out in an e-mail and was called on owners personal cell phone, within an hour!! His customer service was the absolute best ever!!! I placed my order of the 8 player croquet set and i was hesitant due to price but I am so pleased with the workmanship, I LOVE it! It is so well made it will last for generations and any piece can be replaced individually if need be. Thank you so much!

Andrea Clarkson

I thought this was expensive and hesitated to buy it. But, a friend has this set and I knew it was great. So, I ordered it.

We had a set that was not holding up and I was ready to donate it. I waited until I received this set, and donated the old one immediately. There is no comparison.

My only suggestion to improve it would be to have a nice cover for it. I don’t want to pack it up in a traveling case, but I’d like to protect it from dust and debris. Think about carrying a cover for it. (A garbage bag looks awful and that’s what I’ll have to use.)

Your craftsmanship is impeccable!

Thanks for your hard work. It was worth every penny!

Family Favorite

My husband just opened his new croquet set for his birthday last night. Playing croquet with PaPa and NaNa has become one of our grandchildren’s favorite activities when they visit. My husband was thoroughly delighted and surprised by the quality of each piece as the grandchildren helped unpack the set
Each of our grandkids was as excited as he was at the beauty and quality of each piece as it was unpacked.
We look forward to many hours of family fun with it and will appreciate the quality craftsmanship of this set for years to come.