Amish-Made Deluxe Wooden 8 Player Croquet Game Set

Groffdale Machine Shop

$ 439.50 


Deluxe 8 Player Croquet Set. If you take a Sunday afternoon drive through Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, there is a good chance you will see Amish families enjoying a relaxing game of Croquet. Larry Kauffman (owner of also has many fond memories of playing Croquet in the backyard with his family during his teenage years. Now you can have the same opportunity for relaxing fun and friendly competition with your family. Our Deluxe Wooden Croquet Set is made in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Amish Craftsmen. Each Croquet Set contains 8 hardwood Maple wood mallets which are lathe-turned and hand painted in sectioned rings with matching colors to their corresponding balls. Two brass rings adorn each end of the mallet head to prevent the wood from cracking. The two hardwood stakes are lathe-turned with multicolored sections. The nine 5/32" diameter vinyl-coated, metal wickets are very substantial and will not easily bend. The 8 balls are made from a plastic polymer and are 3-5/16" in diameter. We offer our Deluxe Croquet sets with 3 mallet handle length options: The 28" handles (great for youth up to medium-height adults), the best-selling 32" handles (perfect for medium height up to tall adults), or 4 each of the 28" and 32" handles (what we normally recommend for the widest range of players). Finally, choose between a lovely Pinewood holder with a carrying handle or a duffel carry bag so you can keep your Croquet Game easily organized. We offer a 5 Year Warranty on all the parts of the croquet set and will replace them at no charge if they are broken or damaged within 5 years of purchase. We also sell individual replacement parts here on our website for your croquet game. 

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