NEW! Amish-Made Deluxe Flag Croquet Golf Game Set

Groffdale Machine Shop

$ 519.50 

The fad of Summer is here! This new lawn game will delight you and your family time and time again! Flag Croquet is a unique blend of Disc Golf, Croquet, and Golf that is sure to be a favorite. To play, the course designer sets up the 9 flag poles as he chooses. Players take turns teeing off with the sturdy flag croquet mallets. The player with the lowest number of strokes over the nine flag "hole" course is the winner. You can increase the challenge by playing on hilly or wooded terrain or increasing the distance between flags. The Flag Croquet game is designed and made by Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The croquet golf set is made to last a lifetime of play. The mallets are 33" long and made with a Hard Maple handle and a nearly indestructible polyethylene mallet head. It is designed for full "golf" swings. The sturdy balls will also withstand full hits. Choose between the 6 player set or increase the fun with the 8 player set. Each Flag Croquet Game set includes mallets, balls, 9 flag poles with unique chain cages that jingle when a ball strikes them, a Flag Croquet carry bag, Flag Croquet scorecards, and Game Instructions.