Amish-Made Double-Cup Oriole Bird Feeder, Jelly Oriole Feeder with Pegs for Orange Halves

Green Meadow

$ 59.50 

  • Double-Cup Oriole Bird Feeder Made by Amish Folks in Shipshewana, Indiana.
  • Built to Last a Lifetime with Stainless Steel Fasteners and Fade-Resistant Poly-Lumber.
  • Features Two Jelly Cups for Grape Jelly and Pegs for Orange Halves.
  • Eco-Friendly; The Poly Lumber Oriole Feeder is Made from Recycled Milk Jugs.
  • Makes a Lovely Accent to Your Lawn or Garden and Feeds Your Oriole Friends to.

Bring your Feathered Oriole Friends in close with this Poly Lumber Double-Cup Oriole Jelly Feeder. It is made by Amish Craftsmen in Shipshewana, Indiana. The Oriole Feeder is crafted with durable poly lumber which is made from recycled milk jugs! It comes complete with two jelly dishes for putting out grape jelly or other goodies as well as two pegs for securing orange halves. Also, it features stainless steel screws and it comes ready to hang with a cable and ring. The dimensions of the Oriole bird feeder are 11"W by 6"D by 8"H.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Sturdy and well made

A wonderful Father’s Day gift for my Dad. He’s going to love it!



Ellen Bittner

At the time I purchased this feeder, I had never seen an oriole at my house. After filling it with grape jelly and orange halves, I hung it up. Once inside, I followed my sister's suggestion to play an oriole song recording (found on YouTube) on my phone which I placed in a nearby window. Within minutes, a male oriole appeared on the feeder. It took a couple days for others to become regular visitors, but from then on I had orioles feeding nonstop throughout the season. Unfortunately, late in the season it also attracted ravenous yellow jackets which scared the orioles away. The second year was much the same except the orioles showed up without delay. This is a great feeder. Mold did blacken areas of the feeder even though I regularly scrubbed it. Soaking in a bleach/water solution easily took care of the problem with no damage to the feeder or its color. This is an exceptionally well-made, durable feeder which I anticipate lasting for many, many years. Worth every penny and more!

Great Double Sided Feeder

This feeder is very well made and will last for years to come! We have an oriole near by who keeps eyeing it up. Until then the bluebirds are enjoying it. It's easy to wipe clean if need be and the cups are easy to clean and refill! Thanks for this high quality long lasting product!! We enjoy bird watching everyday with it.