What's the Fun with the Aggravation Game?

aggravation game

Aggravation may not sound like the word you'd use to describe a fun family game. But a handcrafted Aggravation game is the perfect addition to any game night. Also known by the more positive name 'Wahoo,' Aggravation is a great strategy board and marble game that everyone can enjoy. Whether you're sitting down with friends, bonding with family, or getting to know new neighbors, the Aggravation game is guaranteed to bring the fun.

What is the Aggravation Game?

Aggravation, also known as Wahoo, is a wooden board game played with marbles. Players begin with their colored marbles in their starting sections and have to work their way around the board to get the marbles home. It’s a bit like Chinese Checkers, with players trying to navigate a board to move their marbles from one location to another. Unlike Chinese Checkers, however, players move their marbles with a die and have to go around the board in a circle to reach their destination.

Why is It Called Aggravation?

Part of the gameplay includes sending your opponent's marbles back to their starting points, a bit like the game Sorry. If a player's marble lands on a space occupied by an opponent, then that player has to send their marble back home and start all over again. This can lead to a feeling of aggravation in the opposing player, thus the name of the game. However, the setbacks aren't really all that frustrating and provide a source of excitement during the game. And by suffering these aggravations throughout, it just makes getting all your marbles home feel that much more satisfying.

Who Can Play Aggravation?

aggravation game

Aggravation is the perfect game for anyone. Children and adults alike can enjoy a simple playing style that doesn't require too many rules or much setup. It's quick and easy to get the board ready and put your marbles in place. While the basic rules can work for most people, some households may choose to adopt some 'house rules,' especially if playing with younger children. Some house rules include:

Starting Marbles Whenever

In classic Aggravation rules, you can only move a marble from your starting section to the play area if you rule a 1 or 6 on your turn. However, this can be a little slow and tiresome, so you may choose to start a marble on any roll you want.

Passing Your Own Marbles

Typically, you cannot pass your own marbles on the board. If a marble is blocked by another, you have to move the marble that's ahead first. However, this can lead to some sticky situations. So, you may choose to allow the passing of your own marbles. 

Team Play

If you choose to play in teams, teammates can sit across from each other on the board. Teammates can pass their opponent's marbles freely but can still aggravate them if they land on a marble. Once one team member has gotten all of their marbles to their home space, they continue to roll on their turn. However, their die roll is used by their teammate to help them move their marbles.

What's the Fun in a Handcrafted Aggravation Game?

Aggravation is a pretty popular game, and there are plenty of board game producers who sell boards and marbles. But there's nothing quite like playing on a handcrafted aggravation game board to really bring out the enjoyment of game night. 


Handcrafted board games tend to be more durable than mass-produced games. Made from solid red oak wood by master Amish craftsmen, the handcrafted aggravation game is strong enough to last your family for generations. And with a clear polyurethane protective finish, it'll stand up to any scuffs, scrapes, or spills that may occur around the game table.

Beautiful Design

It takes years to master the skills required for creating beautiful and delicate wooden game boards. But once those skills are put to use, you can benefit with a gorgeous new addition to your game stack that is sure to impress anyone who plays it. While you may want to hide most games away, a handcrafted Aggravation game board can fit in well with any home aesthetic. It's not just a game to play; it's also a beautiful decorative piece to spruce up any room in your house.

Double-Sided for More Fun

The handcrafted Aggravation board is also double-sided. One side is designed to fit up to four players, perfect for cozy game nights with your friends or family. The other side can comfortably fit up to six players, allowing you to have more fun with larger groups. No matter who you're playing with, everyone is sure to enjoy the fun of a handcrafted Aggravation board.

Handcrafted Aggravation Game Board from Amish Toy Box

At Amish Toy Box, our goal has always been to bring the fun and simplistic charms of Amish living to homes across the country. Our Amish-made, handcrafted Aggravation game is the epitome of our aim. Beautifully made and delicately crafted by Mennonite craftsmen in Holmes County, Ohio, this new addition to your game night is sure to impress and entertain all who visit. Whether you're sitting down to a game night with your family or bonding over strategy with friends, Aggravation is the perfect game for you. And if you want even more options for enjoyment on game day, we have an entire collection of handcrafted wooden board games to keep the fun going for hours.

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