How to Choose the Right Wagon for Your Kids

classic Amish wagons

Wagons have long been a favorite among children everywhere, and classic Amish wagons continue to be popular in an ever-growing market. With beautiful designs and fine handiwork, classic Amish wagons bring the joys of simple living to any home. But there’s more to choosing the right wagon for your kids than just the design. In fact, there are a variety of factors you should consider when picking out the perfect wagon for your kids to play with.

Why Classic Amish Wagons Are So Popular

Understanding why the classic Amish wagon is so popular can help you make the right choice when picking out a wagon. Amish wagons have been a household staple for many years, and they’ll continue to serve families for generations to come. The gorgeous craftsmanship of each wagon adds a certain elegant aesthetic value to any yard or garden. And the study, locally sourced materials and strong build help each wagon last for years, no matter how rough your kids get playing with it. This mixture of beautiful design and sturdy work help Amish wagons stand out from the competition. 

Finding the Right Wagon Fit

Choosing the right wagon for your kids comes down to size, style, and safety. Each family and each child has different wants and needs when it comes to their wagons, and it’s important to pick your wagon appropriately. There are many aspects of your children and their playstyle to consider when finding the perfect wagon for your home. And since every wagon comes in a variety of colors, don’t forget to include your yard and house aesthetic when searching.


The wagon needs to be the right size for your children. There are two main aspects of wagon size to consider. The first is the overall length and width of the wagon. A bigger wagon will be able to fit more in it, which can be beneficial if you have more than one child or if your child has a pet they want to cart around with them. Next, you’ll want to consider the height of the wagon’s bed. The distance between the bottom of the wagon and the ground can make all the difference as your children play. If the height is too low, the wagon may not be able to roll over bumpy yards. But if it’s too high, your children may not be able to get in on their own or could risk falling when trying to get out. Making sure your wagon is the perfect size for your children is key to ensuring they have fun with their new ride-on toy.


Toys aren’t just for fun; they can also add visual style and flair to your home or yard. Over the years, Amish craftsmen have developed a unique and charming style that merges simplicity with gorgeous features. There’s a reason there are so many Amish-owned woodworking stores around and a reason so many families choose a classic Amish wagon for their children. 

classic Amish wagons


Finding the right style of wagon will depend on the rest of the décor in your yard. If you already have wooden items, such as an Amish-made birdhouse or classic lawn games like croquet, then a wooden Amish wagon is going to fit right in. Wagons come in several color combinations, so you’ll be sure to find a style that perfectly fits in your home.


Keeping your kids safe while they play is important. However, you can’t always keep an eye on them. Some wagons are safer for younger children than others, and it’s important to understand how your new wagon works to protect your kids. Although Amish wagons don’t have the safety technology that other wagons may try to use, they still provide more than enough safety features to keep your children protected. The guard rails around the side of the wagons are easy to remove and replace, so even younger children will be able to get in and close themselves up without too much hassle. And special design went into the steering mechanisms to ensure that there’s no risk of tilting while pulling or pushing the wagon along.

Classic Amish Wagons for Your Family

Finding the perfect wagon for your kids isn’t always easy. You need to make sure the wagon is safe, sized perfectly for your children, and fits in with your yard’s aesthetic. With a lot of wagon options to choose from, knowing which is right for your family can be tricky. At Amish Toy Box, we offer families the best options for classic Amish wagons. With two sizes of our Berlin Flyer wagon line, children of any age and size can enjoy riding around or pulling cargo along. And with eight different color options to choose from, you can enjoy owning a wagon that perfectly fits with any yard decorations. If you’re looking for a great and fun gift to give your children this year, check out our Berlin Flyer wagons online and place your order today. At Amish Toy Box, we keep a close eye on production and shipping to guarantee the quality of every product we deliver. If you have any issues with your orders, you can give us a call at 740-277-1982.
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