Why Handcrafted Toys Make the Best Gifts

Buying gifts for the children in your life can sometimes feel a little stressful. With all of the options available on the market, it’s hard to know what to choose. But you can limit your options and find the perfect gift by choosing to buy handcrafted toys. Handcrafted toys make the best gifts for little ones. They’re durable, beautiful, and made with care and attention. If you want a toy that will last for years and bring a smile to children’s faces, handcrafted is the way to go.

handcrafted toys

Why Buy Handcrafted Toys?

Handcrafted toys are the perfect gift for any child in your life. They’re made for any age, gender, and special interest, giving you a wide range of options for picking out the best present. When you gift a handcrafted toy, you gift years of play, imagination, and excitement.


Handcrafted items are designed to last as long as possible. Most handcrafted toys are built from sturdy materials, such as durable woods and fabrics, that can stand up to hours of playtime. When you gift a child a handcrafted toy, you aren’t just giving them a simple object that will break or be ignored in a few days. Handcrafted items last for years, even generations, easily becoming a new family favorite for the future.


Learning to handcraft toys takes time and dedication, and craftspeople are sure to pay extra attention to detail. Carving out a design, painting, and adding decorations are skills learned over time. But for those who take the time to learn it, creating handcrafted toys means creating mini works of art. When you gift a child a handcrafted toy, you give them a beautiful object that will keep them entertained while those nearby enjoy its enticing design.

handcrafted toys

Support for Small Businesses

Because it takes more time to craft a toy by hand, most big businesses aren’t likely to sell any handcrafted toys in their shops. Handcrafted items are mostly sold by small businesses run by expert craftspeople. When you buy a handcrafted toy for your children, you support a small business and boost the local economy. Your children get a toy they can enjoy for years to come, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped an artisan business grow.


When gifts are made by hand, each one is unique and special. While each will follow the same pattern and shape, there’s always going to be something different about each toy that separates it from the others. When you gift a handcrafted toy, you give a child a unique present that’s specific to them. It’s a great way to add a personal touch that will make them feel special and loved. And some handcrafted toys can be customized further to add more personalization to each item.

How to Pick the Perfect Handmade Toy

While choosing to give handmade narrows down your gifting options, there’s still a variety of toys available. Deciding which is best for your child can be a little tricky. But if you take the time to consider your child’s age, ability, and interests, you can easily find the perfect gift for them.


Generally, most children and toddlers can enjoy most toys, but it’s important to keep their age in mind when picking out specifics. For example, toddlers have a greater risk of choking on toys with smaller parts, so you may not want to buy them a handcrafted marble machine toy or tower. Instead, gift younger children toys that are bigger and that come as one item rather than a set. This reduces the risk of choking and allows them to play safely while still having fun.


Toys aren’t just for play. Many handcrafted toys are designed to help toddlers and children build certain skills, such as fine-motor skills, spelling, or creative problem-solving. Playtime is a great way to help your children develop these skills in a stress-free environment. When choosing a gift for your child, consider their physical and mental abilities and choose toys that might help them strengthen those areas. For example, if a child has trouble with spatial awareness, gifting them a set of wooden blocks can help them fill in the gaps while they play.


Children are more likely to play with a toy if it fits their interests. And when they’re playing, they’re also often learning. Getting children interested in the toys you gift them can help them grow and enjoy their playtime more. Handcrafted toys are made to help support any special interest a child may have. For example, if your child is interested in trains or trucks, there’s a whole fleet of handcrafted vehicle toys they can play with. Or, if your child is interested in animals, you can get them a handcrafted barn or Noah’s Ark toy to enjoy.

Handcrafted Toys at Amish Toy Box

At Amish Toy Box, we believe in bringing the simple joys of Amish living to families around the world. Our handcrafted toys are made by skilled Amish craftsmen using durable, locally sourced materials. When you purchase a handcrafted toy for your child, you get a one-of-a-kind gift that will last your family for years to come. Each toy is made with care and completed with a non-toxic, child-proof finish, so you can rest assured that your child is safe as they play. You can browse our collection of handcrafted toys online to find the perfect gift for your little ones.

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