Why Amish Toys Are So Popular

Children love to play with toys; that’s no secret. But Amish toys specifically have continued to grow in popularity. With the stereotypes surrounding the Amish way of life, it can be easy to assume that Amish toys wouldn’t be very entertaining. But children have enjoyed playing with them for generations, whether they’re Amish themselves or not. And the beautiful, delicate craftsmanship of each piece makes every toy a unique addition to your home. Amish toys offer a host of entertaining and visually pleasing benefits that make them so popular.


Most children can find enjoyment in simple things, and the simpler a toy is, the more a child’s imagination will grow. While still in their discovery phase, children can turn simple wooden blocks into sprawling cities or plain dolls into best friends. No matter what age children are, they can enjoy Amish toys made just for them.

Toddler Amish Toys

Toddlers are at a unique stage in development where all of their skills are rapidly improving. A toddler that was crawling one day may very well be ready to run around the next. Amish toys for toddlers are increasingly popular because they help develop multiple skills at a time. Each toy is designed to not only provide entertainment but also to help your child learn and grow.

Popular Amish toddler toys include:

Amish-made Wooden Rocking Horse – A beautifully designed wooden rocking horse that helps toddlers develop core strength, upper body strength, and fine motor skills.

I-Spy Bag – A handcrafted travel bag filled with sand and some surprise goodies. This unique Amish-made toy offers the joy of discovery while continuing to develop a toddler’s fine motor skills.

ABC Wooden Blocks – A set of wooden building blocks that also contain the letters of the alphabet. Toddlers can begin both basic literacy and spatial awareness skills as they construct whatever their imagination desires.

Child Amish Toys

As kids grow up, their interests become more refined. However, just because their brains are becoming more complex, that doesn’t mean they need more complexity in their toys. Older children can get just as much enjoyment and learning opportunities from simple Amish toys as toddlers do.

Popular Amish children toys include:

Doll Furniture Collection – A series of petite doll furniture that will help your child create the perfect living environment for their dolls. Playing with dolls not only improves a child’s imagination but also helps cultivate empathy and caretaking skills.

Vehicle Toys – A collection of wooden toys designed to resemble trains, plains, trucks, and more. With actual moving wheels, your child can delight in playing with their favorite vehicle, increasing their imagination and helping them with their spatial awareness skills.

Marble Toys – Amish-made wooden contraptions that collect and dispense marbles in fun ways. Children will not only delight in watching the marbles roll through the courses, but they’ll also learn the basics of many scientific skills, such as engineering and physics.

Family Amish Toys

The popularity of Amish toys can also be attributed to the fact that many of them can be enjoyed by adults as well. There aren’t many children’s toys or games that actually capture the imagination and attention of older family members, but Amish toys and games are designed with everyone in mind.

Popular Amish family toys include:

Wahoo Board Game – A fun take on the classic aggravation game where family members race each other’s marbles around a beautifully crafted wooden game board. Families can spend quality time together while building everyone’s strategic skills.

Amish Kick Scooters – A collection of sturdy scooters with sizes for every member of the family. Families can enjoy getting some fresh air and exercise while viewing the scenery of their own neighborhoods.

Croquet Sets – A collection of everything you need to get your family outside playing croquet right away. As a popular lawn game, croquet is designed to allow an even playing field, no matter the physical skills of the players, letting your family grow closer without too much competition.

Visual Appeal

While Amish toys are highly entertaining for all members of the family, they are also visually pleasing. Most Amish toys are handcrafted and delicately made by skilled Amish craftsmen. This handcrafted aspect provides additional value, making each toy a unique, one-of-a-kind find.

Just because a toy is made from simple ingredients using age-old methods doesn’t mean it’s simple in appearance. Most Amish toys are crafted with visual design in mind, creating an entertaining toy that also looks stunning. These toys are perfect additions to many playrooms or nurseries, helping families create a cohesive aesthetic for each room of their home. And with a variety of colors to choose from for most toys, families can almost always find a perfect match for other furniture and toys already in place.

Quality Amish Toys at Amish Toy Box

Providing your children with hand-rafted Amish toys is a great way to give your entire family entertainment in visually-stunning packages. Amish toys have continued to delight children and adults alike for many years, and they’ll continue to delight for generations to come. Each Amish toy is likely to become a new family favorite, quickly transforming into a family heirloom piece that each new child gets to enjoy. At Amish Toy Box, we’re dedicated to bringing the fun and simple enjoyment of Amish toys to families all around the world.

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