How to Enjoy Kubb with Friends and Family

kubb game

Finding a game that everyone in your family or friend group can enjoy isn't always an easy task. It's even harder to find a game that provides a fun time while also helping everyone stay mentally and physically active. But with the Kubb game, everyone can have a good time while playing together. Whether you're getting the extended family together for a long summer afternoon or looking for something new to add to your Saturday game group, Kubb is sure to delight all who play.

What is Kubb?

Kubb is a lawn game that's a mix between horseshoes and bowling. Like in bowling, you're trying to knock down objects to score points. And like in horseshoes, you have a wide playing field that requires you to focus on your aim if you want to win. While there's no definitive answer on when Kubb was invented, games similar to it have been around since the sixteenth century. And once you start to play for yourself, it's easy to see how this lawn game has survived for so long in households around the world.

How to Play

There are several rules and variations to Kubb depending on which country or region you're playing, but the basics are the same throughout. Kubb is a pretty straightforward game that anyone can get the hang of pretty easily, making it perfect for families with younger children. 

kubb game

The Set-Up

To start, players define the play area, also known as the pitch. The play area is rectangular and can be on pretty much any surface, be it grass, concrete, snow, or even sand. While it can be helpful to lay down tape or other visual aids to define the play area, it isn't necessary. 

Players divide into teams and choose which side of the play area they want to control. They then place their wooden poles, known as Kubbs, along the edge of the play area. Each team should have five Kubbs, for a total of ten. These Kubbs are called the baseline Kubbs. The king (another wooden pole bigger and taller than the others) is then placed in the center of the pitch.

The Toss

Once the play area is set up, teams decide who gets to go first. Deciding which team goes first can be a fun part of Kubb too! You can decide that the losers or winners of the previous games get to go first, or you can toss a coin to decide. 

The first team to go, Team A, takes their six batons and tosses them from their side of the field to the opponent's side, attempting to knock down the other team's Kubbs. Official regulations dictate that a player must throw the baton underhanded and that the baton must spin end over end. However, if you aren't playing in an official tournament, you can adjust the rules however you'd like to accommodate each player. 

Field Kubbs

Once Team A has finished throwing all six batons, Team B must deal with their knocked-down Kubbs. Any Kubb that was knocked down must be tossed to the opposite side of the pitch, where they are then placed upright where they land. These Kubbs are called field Kubbs, and must be knocked down before a team can attempt to knock down the original baseline Kubbs.


In order for a team to win, they must successfully knock down all the field and baseline Kubbs of the opposing team and knock down the king in the center. Games can be as short as five minutes or as long as an hour, depending on the skill of each player.

Rule Adjustments

When playing any kind of skill or sports game, everyone has the most fun when the playing field is level. If you have a mix of players, such as adults and children, you may find that a few house rules help make the game more enjoyable for all.

Baseline Throws

The official rules of Kubb dictate that players must throw their batons from their team's baseline. However, you can give some players a handicap by allowing them to throw from any point on the field. This helps even the odds for players who aren't as strong or tall as others.


In an official game of Kubb, if the king pole is knocked down before the other Kubbs, the throwing team automatically loses. There's also a rule that states that all field Kubbs need to be knocked down before the baseline Kubbs. If a baseline Kubb is knocked over, the throwing team loses the rest of their turn. However, for players who have difficulty with their aim, these rules can be ignored. 

Where to Get the Kubb Game

Kubb is a wonderful lawn game that everyone in your family or friend group can enjoy. With special house rules, everyone can have fun regardless of age, size, or physical ability. If you're looking for a fun game for everyone, try the Kubb game kit from Amish Toy Box. Our Kubb package includes everything you need to get started having fun with your friends and family. We also offer a variety of other lawn games, including croquet sets and Quoits. No matter who you're playing with, you can all have fun playing Kubb.

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