Are Amish Toys Fun?

Amish toys

When most people think about the Amish, “fun” probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind. With the newest and latest technologies always vying for attention, it can be hard to picture a life spent without them as interesting. However, recreation is appreciated by all, and the Amish have perfected their crafting skills to create enjoyable and beautiful toys for the whole family. Amish toys bring back the simple joys in life, providing hours of entertainment as well as important skill development for children. When you purchase an Amish toy, your entire household benefits.

Toddler Amish Toys

Toddlers go through crucial development stages, and they need the right kind of stimulating play to help them improve their skills. Amish toys for toddlers are designed to be fun and to provide opportunities for toddlers to build those skills.

Amish Rocking Horse

The rocking horse has been around for generations. It provides the perfect environment for your toddlers to develop both fine motor skills and core strength. But they won’t even notice that’s going on as they’ll be too busy having fun pretending they’re riding on a real horse. With an expertly crafted design, an Amish rocking horse will not only provide hours of play, but it will also fit perfectly in any nursery or playroom.

Wooden Block Set

Wooden blocks are a great toy for any toddler to have. Building blocks help toddlers develop motor skills and creative problem-solving skills. They’ll have to learn how to stack and arrange their blocks to make them fit. And with blocks that have numbers or letters on them, they’ll even get a head start on early education. Amish wooden blocks are a staple of many homes, and their sturdy construction and long-lasting (toxic-free) finish make any block set an easy heirloom toy for each generation of your family to enjoy.

Amish toys

Amish Toys for Kids

As children start to grow older, their needs in toys begin to change. Toys for kids can include more complex designs and situations, capitalizing on the skills they built as a toddler and helping them develop even more skills as they continue to grow.

Dolls and Doll Furniture

Every kid can benefit from their own doll and doll furniture. Having a doll helps foster empathy and caretaking in a child. And with furniture such as a cradle, wardrobe, and high chair, your kids can learn to properly care for their doll while boosting their imagination. Amish dolls and doll furniture are expertly crafted to be both sturdy and visually appealing, making each item a gorgeous new addition to your home.

Vehicle Toys

Vehicles have long captured the imagination of children everywhere. Just because the Amish don’t partake in many modern vehicles themselves, they understand how to make toys that children delight in. Amish vehicle toys include trains, planes, trucks, and construction machinery that help ignite a child’s imagination. Your kids will spend hours transporting imaginary (or real) goods around their playroom.


Kids love to be involved in a lot of activities that can be hazardous, such as cooking or being in the workshop. But with a child-safe playset of their own, they can mimic the actions of their parents or older siblings without the risk of harm. Having their own child-sized kitchen or workstation allows kids the chance to learn through mimicking. Not only can this help them bond with their family members, but it helps prepare them for whatever career they look forward to growing up.

Family Amish Toys

Toys aren’t just for kids, and Amish toys aren’t just dolls and wooden blocks. The whole family can enjoy hours of fun with a variety of games and toys designed for togetherness. 

Board Games

Family board games are a classic way to get everyone together and build some quality time. With games like aggravation, chess, and checkers, everyone in the family can have fun while improving their strategy skills. And board games aren’t just for the family! Friends can also grow closer and have fun while playing classic games that have entertained people for generations.

Lawn Games

Getting the family outside is a major struggle for many households. But with Amish lawn games, your family will be itching to get outside and enjoy long summer afternoons playing. With Croquet, Kubb, Quoits, and Rice Pitch, your family can have fun and get some fresh air and exercise. Lawn games have long been a favorite pastime of many families. The health benefits of playing outdoors only add to the fun experience each game provides.

Amish Scooters

While they’re not a toy in the traditional sense, Amish scooters are a great activity the entire family can enjoy. Not only does a scooter get you where you need to go, but it’s also perfect for a relaxing ride through the neighborhood with your family. Each member of the family can enjoy a scenic ride on their scooter with a variety of sizes available to perfectly match both kids and adults.

Amish Toys at Amish Toy Box

At Amish Toy Box, we’re dedicated to bringing the simple joys and fun of the Amish lifestyle to modern families. Amish toys are designed to provide hours of fun for everyone in the family, and they look stunning while doing so. Our partnership with Amish craftspeople in Lancaster County, PA, has helped children and adults from all over enjoy the fun Amish toys can provide. If you want a gorgeously crafted piece of Amish design that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your family’s face, browse our collection of toys and games online. 

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