Why Wooden Croquet Sets Are So Popular

wooden croquet sets

Ever since its initial popularity in the late 1800s, Croquet has been a backyard game of choice among many families. While clubs and Croquet societies help bring regulation to the sport, it’s also enjoyed leisurely with friends, families, and colleagues. With a wooden Croquet set from Amish Toy Box at home, you can spend long summer afternoons bonding with your loved ones. Here are just some of the reasons wooden Croquet sets have become so popular among households.

Beautiful Craftsmanship

When you order a wooden Croquet set from Amish Toy Box, you know you’re getting a beautifully crafted piece of Amish woodwork. Wooden Croquet sets surpass their metal competitors on basic visual appeal alone. The gorgeous design and delicate carving work make each Croquet set a stunning work of art. You’re more likely to want to display your set indoors than play with them outdoors.

But when you do get around to using the set for fun gatherings, everyone will be able to appreciate the fine craft that went into them. Our Amish partners in Lancaster County have perfected the art of turning maple wood into gorgeous Croquet sets you can be proud to own. With a stunning appearance and a durable build, your family will be able to enjoy their Croquet set for generations, making it an unexpected but fully welcomed new heirloom piece.

Competitive Play

If someone in your gaming group has a competitive streak, Croquet is definitely the game for them. While it’s not as die-hard in competition as other outdoor sports, Croquet has earned itself popularity for its competitive nature. In fact, part of Croquet’s initial popularity was due to the fact that it was the first outdoor game that both women and men could play on equal footing. Because the game is mostly about strategy and finesse, it’s perfect for players of any age, size, or gender to enjoy.

A wooden Croquet set helps you enjoy the competition even more. Your family and friends will each vie for their favorite mallet and ball, handcrafted and painted to appeal to a wide audience. Everyone can choose their favorite color and maybe even play some smaller games ahead of time if there’s a more popular color among the bunch. Having a wooden Croquet set at home helps you bond with your friends and family while providing that competitive edge that makes most games so enjoyable.

wooden croquet sets

Creative Design

Because Croquet isn’t about physique or muscle use, it’s the perfect opportunity for players to flex their creative muscles. Everything from the initial set-up to the actual gameplay requires creative thinking and problem-solving skills. 

To start the game, one person sets up arches in a course of their own making. For instance, someone can place an arch right next to the tree in your backyard. Or they could create a unique spiral design or other shape of their choosing. There are a lot of ways you can choose who gets to set up the course, including:

  • Letting the Youngest or Oldest Player Design
  • Having the Previous Loser or Winner Design
  • Playing a Round of Rock-Paper-Scissors or Similar
  • Picking a Non-Player to Design the Course

And course set-up isn’t the only creative part of Croquet. Depending on where the arches are set up, players have to make creative choices in figuring out how to get their ball along the course. And with the ability to knock other players’ balls out of the way, Croquet also becomes a game of social intrigue and sabotage. 

The Benefits of a Wooden Croquet Set

While Croquet itself is a fun game no matter how it’s played, there are many benefits to using a wooden Croquet set from Amish Toy Box. Aside from the beautiful design, wooden Croquet sets also offer:

  • Extreme durability and hardiness, no matter how often it’s played
  • Matching wooden stand and carrying bag for easy transport and gorgeous display
  • Easy purchase of new or replacement mallets
  • Non-Toxic, child-safe finish that makes the set fun and safe for the whole family
  • Support of Amish-owned small businesses

Owning a wooden Croquet set allows you to enjoy a fun outdoor game while also appreciating the delicate and durable craft of Amish builders. 

Wooden Croquet Set Options

At Amish Toy Box, our goal is to bring the charm and fun of Amish living to modern homes, and with our wooden Croquet sets, we’ve hit the mark. We offer Amish-made wooden Croquet sets for six and eight players, along with a full collection of individual Croquet items for replacements or additions. We also have a variety of other lawn games your family can spend the afternoon or evenings enjoying together. You can shop our collection of Croquet sets and other lawn games here.

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