Furnish Your Dollhouse with Wooden Doll Furniture

wooden doll furniture

Dollhouses have long been a favorite among children, both young and old. Even teens and adults can enjoy the imaginative play a dollhouse with wooden doll furniture offers. Families can gather around their play home and decorate it in their own style as they act out various scenarios. And with the delicate and beautiful craftsmanship of the Amish folk who make our wooden doll furniture, your dollhouse will be an aesthetic addition to any playroom or nursery. You’ll never want to put it away, even when you’re done playing with it.


Everyone can admire the joys of having their own bedroom and being able to decorate it in their own style. Not only can a well-furnished dollhouse enhance your child’s room, but it can allow them the creativity to decorate their own room in that dollhouse. Wooden doll furniture adds a stylistic approach, but it’s not the only way to decorate. While our Amish-made, beautifully crafted bedroom set furnishes your home, your child can let their creativity run wild with decorations.

Our bedroom furniture set was designed by the talented Amish craftsmen at Lapps Toys in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This four-piece set is made out of sturdy wood with a child-safe, non-toxic finish that will keep both furniture and children safe during play. The bedroom furniture set includes a bed, side table, dresser, and vanity. Your child can enjoy arranging their new wooden furniture pieces however they see fit, and you can even add some color by finishing the pieces off with a child-safe paint job. No matter how you play, the bedroom set will be there waiting for your dolls when the day is done.

wooden doll furniture

Dining Room

It’s often said that family dinner is an important part of any household. Gathering around the table, sharing good food and good conversation is the best way for any family to come together. But the table doesn’t have to be yours, and the food doesn’t have to be real. With our wooden dining furniture set for dollhouses, you and your children can bond over an imaginary meal as well.

Delicately crafted to remain sturdy during any mealtime, our dining room set is sure to add sophistication and enjoyment to any dollhouse. The dining room furniture set comes with a table that perfectly fits four wooden chairs around it for all of your dolls to gather together. It also features a charming wooden cabinet that your children can pretend houses their fancy home’s fancy dishes. You can further enhance your wooden doll furniture dining set by creating cushions for the chairs out of cotton or making plates and food out of clay to set the table with. Whether you’re gathered around a real table or dollhouse table, your family is sure to enjoy themselves with bonding time.


You can’t properly enjoy food in your dining room without a kitchen to prepare it in. For any future chef in your family, our kitchen doll furniture collection is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Children can spend their days playing cook, pretending to host elaborate dinner parties for all of their doll guests, or just making a simple breakfast for their doll family to enjoy. With the right atmosphere and Amish-crafted wooden doll furniture, any child can enjoy every room of their dollhouse.

Our deluxe kitchen set for dollhouses comes with three all-important kitchen necessities. Your child can keep their doll’s groceries safe with a free-standing fridge that can fit on any side of the room. They can wash and prepare their meals on a full-size counter with a built-in sink and decorative drawers and cabinets. And finally, your children will be able to imagine cooking up a meal of their own creation with a beautifully crafted kitchen stove. Our Amish-made wooden kitchen furniture set is sure to inspire and amaze children of any age who enjoy spending their time cooking or baking, all without the risk of injury or harm.

Living Room

After a long day of work, school, and play, gathering together in the living room is a great way for families to relax and unwind together. And with our wooden living room doll furniture set, now your child’s dolls can experience the same relaxation. The living room is the perfect place for friends and families to gather, and you’ll find your child’s dolls hanging around the living room all the time. With cushioned seats and your child’s personal flair, it will quickly become the must-see room of any dollhouse.

Our beautiful and delicately crafted living room set includes a loveseat, armchair, and side table that’s perfect for your dolls to gather around. It’s designed to work well with any other living room furniture your dollhouse has, be it bookshelves for reading dolls or a stack of miniature game sets for dolls that love to play. And when your child has their friends over for a doll visit, they’ll be impressed by the level of comfort and sophistication this wooden doll furniture set offers.

Wooden Doll Furniture for Every Room

At AmishToyBox, we believe in bringing the beautiful craftsmanship of our Amish partners to everyone’s home. The delicate and amazing work of our Amish craftsmen creates an impressive and aesthetic addition to any dollhouse. With our Amish-made wooden doll furniture, your child can spend hours enjoying decorating their dollhouse and playing inside it. Even you can have fun with the imagination our doll furniture sets bring. You can order any one of our room sets to enhance a room of your dollhouse, or splurge and get all four for a perfectly decorated dollhouse right from the start.

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