Best Gifts for Kids

Shopping for kids isn’t always easy. You want to make sure you find toys and other gifts that fit their age, play style, and personal interests. At the same time, you want gifts that will provide both joy and educational opportunities. Wooden toys make great gifts that are durable for any style or length of play. And with a wide variety of wooden toys to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something for every kid in your life.

Wooden Toys for Toddlers

Shopping for toddlers brings an extra factor of safety into consideration. While all wooden toys are designed with safety in mind, you want to make sure you aren’t buying a gift that will be difficult for your toddler to interact with. Here are some of the most popular wooden gifts for toddlers.

Amish-Made Wooden Rocking Horse

Rocking horses have been around for generations, and they’ll continue to provide hours of entertainment for years to come. With an Amish-made wooden rocking horse, your toddler gets a gift they can thoroughly enjoy, and you get a beautifully crafted and designed piece that will enhance the décor of any playroom or nursery. Wooden rocking horses make excellent gifts for toddlers because they provide both fun and motor development. While your toddler rocks along and pretends to be a cowpoke, they’re also developing their core muscles and upper motor skills.

Wooden Building Blocks

Building blocks are a favorite among younger and older children for many reasons. Their unique shapes offer an immediate burst of joy to look at, and color variations add even more fun to the mix. Playing with building blocks doesn’t just provide hours of fun; it also helps build essential skills. Toddlers will learn fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative problem-solving as they build a tower or town as grand as their imagination.

Wooden Toys for Older Kids

For the rough-and-tumble child in your life, there’s a large collection of wooden toys just waiting to help get their energy out and help them explore new aspects of their personality. As kids age, they’re constantly looking for new experiences and learning opportunities, even if they don’t know it. Here are some common wooden toy gifts that are sure to please older children.

Wooden Toy Train Set

Who wouldn’t want to pretend they’re a conductor and send their passengers on their way? Toy train sets have been a popular gift for children for decades, and they continue to impress today. With a beautifully crafted, Amish-made wooden toy train set, your child can build their own tracks, learn to manage their time, and build on their imaginative skills.

Wooden Truck Toys

Trucks and other transportation devices have enamored the hearts of children everywhere since they were invented. And Amish-made vehicle toys have been a popular gift for children for just as long! These sturdy wooden toys are designed to last and remain durable after hours of play. So, no matter how rough the session gets, your kid’s new toys will last them for a lifetime and beyond.

Wooden Toys for Nurturing Kids

For the caring and nurturing girls and boys in your life, there’s a carefully curated collection of wooden toys designed to build social skills and enhance emotional development. Kids never stop learning, and it’s never too soon to instill social values in their minds. Here are some of the more popular wooden toy gifts that are sure to provide joy and build skills for nurturing children.

Wooden Doll Furniture

Dolls themselves are a classic gift that’s sure to please. But providing wooden doll furniture further helps children develop their social skills. With cradles, wardrobes, houses, and highchairs, your child can actively work on taking care of their dolls. These important play sessions help kids develop empathy and care for others, helping them succeed in their life as they grow.

Wooden Wagon

Wagons are a great gift for most kids, especially those who love the outdoors. Nothing is more fun than running around the yard, pulling their wagon along. And if they get to fill that wagon with something important to them, even better. Your children can enjoy helping out with gardening as they cart flowers or seed packets around the yard. They can also bond with their younger siblings and pets by giving them a ride. No matter what they’re toting along, kids are sure to love their new wooden wagon toy.

Wooden Toys for Kids at Amish Toy Box

At Amish Toy Box, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality toys designed by Amish craftsmen. Each toy we sell is crafted to provide both entertainment and education to your children. With a child-safe finish, you don’t have to worry about your kids getting sick or hurt while playing with their new wooden toys. If you’re looking for a gift that is sure to please them and help develop important life skills, then shop our collection of wooden toys at

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