Are Rocking Horses Safe?

You want your child to have fun while they play, but you also want them to be safe. Protecting their children is often the first goal whenever parents purchase a new toy, especially a ride-on toy. With the popularity of rocking horses for toddlers and younger children, it’s important to understand how to keep riders safe as they play. With an Amish-made rocking horse, your child can develop important motor skills and creativity while staying safely in their saddle.

Rocking Horse Size

One of the main contributing factors to a rocking horse’s safety is the size of the horse and the height of the seat. Many falls from rocking horses occur because the horse is too big for a younger child to straddle or the seat is too high for their feet to reach the ground. When your child sits on their Amish-made rocking horse, it’s important that their legs fit fully around the sides and that they can touch the floor with their feet.

Rocking horses can be designed to safely rock infants as young as six months old. These specially designed horses or other rocking animals have seats that secure the child while they rock. For older children, the use of their legs to push the horse and their upper body to help keep momentum helps them develop their motor skills as they play. Finding the right size of the rocking horse is important to know if it’s safe for your child.

For example, a rocking horse that’s 21 inches tall shouldn’t be used by a child under 18 months, in order to ensure that they not only fit comfortably but also ride safely.

Sturdy Build

rocking horse

The natural rocking design of the rocking horse has been used time and time again and is not inherently dangerous for children to use. However, weak materials and less-than-perfect craftsmanship can cause the mechanics to fail, creating dangerous situations that could lead to injury.

At Amish Toy Box, we’re dedicated to ensuring the quality of both material and craft. Each rocking horse is made by experienced Amish craftspeople in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with locally sourced Pinewood. The strength of the wood prevents any breaks from damaging the structure of the toy. Your child can rock as long and as hard as they like without worry that their horse will break.

Non-Toxic Finish

One of the main concerns regarding the safety of children’s toys is the finish used. Many finishes for things like furniture use chemicals and other toxins to help preserve the material or color. At Amish Toy Box, all of our toys are made with child-safe, non-toxic finishes that protect both the toy and your child. Kids are prone to licking things or putting non-food items in their mouths, so it’s important to ensure that no matter what they’re playing with, it’s safe for them to experiment. 

Child’s Motor Skills

While age and size play a factor in keeping a child safe on a rocking horse, not everyone develops at the same rate. Rocking horses are a great toy to help younger children develop motor skills, but they can pose safety risks to children who haven’t fully grasped the use of their muscles yet.

When a child uses a rocking horse, they engage most of the muscles in their body. Their core muscles help them stay sitting; their back and leg muscles help them move the horse; their arm and finger muscles help them grip the handles. An Amish-made rocking horse is the perfect toy for children who have started to develop these muscles and motor skills. It helps them better define their abilities and develop further, leading to better motor skills as an adult.

However, if a child hasn’t gotten the basics down, they are more likely to fall off. If you want your child to be safe on a rocking horse, make sure they can do the following first:

Sit up on their own

Grasp medium to small objects in their hands

Use their arms to assist in crawling or standing up

If your child is having trouble with these, a rocking horse may not be the safest toy. While there are rocking horses available that have safety seats and harnesses, it may be better to invest in other toys that can help with basic motor skills before upgrading your child to a rocking horse.


As with any new toy, it’s a good idea to supervise your child when introducing them to a rocking horse. Younger children may even need your help getting the horse to rock as they develop the coordination to do it themselves. Playing with your child as they rock is a good way to help keep them safe, and you get some fun bonding time as well.

If you are unable to supervise your child as they play but want to ensure their safety, make sure you set them up somewhere with softer ground, such as a carpet or plush rug, to prevent serious injuries if they do happen to fall.

Amish-Made Rocking Horses at Amish Toy Box

At Amish Toy Box, we’re dedicated to providing families with quality Amish-made toys. Our Amish-made rocking horse is designed to provide hours of fun and creativity for your child. The expert craftsmanship of our builders ensures that your new rocking horse is solid and safe for your family for generations to come. If you want to provide a safe and fun experience for your child that also helps them with physical development, get them a rocking horse.

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