The Handcrafted Difference for Doll Furniture

handcrafted doll furniture

Doll furniture is a great way to let your kids have fun while encouraging them to develop their nurturing side. With cribs, high chairs, and even wardrobes, your child can learn to care for their doll while they play. But not all doll furniture is made the same. Handcrafted doll furniture is designed with loving care, the very same kind of consideration playing with dolls creates in your children. Having handmade doll furniture creates an heirloom piece that your family can enjoy for generations. You’ll be surprised at the difference a handcrafted object can make.

Child Safety

Any children’s toy needs to be designed with their safety in mind. While mass-produced doll furniture may seem enticing, there’s not always a guarantee that it’s safe for children to use, especially younger children. Handcrafted doll furniture is made to keep your kids safe through the years. With non-toxic finishes and sturdy construction materials, you can rest easy knowing that your child can play to their heart’s content without getting sick or injured.


Toys also need to stand up to whatever kids can throw at them. Because they are made on a mass scale and with a quick turnaround time, most doll furniture is likely to break after heavy use. Handcrafted doll furniture, on the other hand, is made to last longer. No matter how rough your kids are, the solid construction and sturdy materials will continue to hold up. This way, your doll furniture can last not just for your kid’s lifetime, but your grandkid’s life as well. These beautifully handcrafted items are guaranteed to be the newest heirloom object for your family to pass down from generation to generation.

handcrafted doll furniture


Looking at the initial cost of a handcrafted piece of doll furniture and a mass-produced one, it may seem cheaper to purchase the latter. However, with their timely design and lasting durability, handcrafted doll furniture actually saves you money in the long run. You won’t have to keep spending money on replacement parts or new furniture when old ones get worn out. These items will last for years to come, saving you from having to buy new toys for your kids and grandkids in the future.

Beautiful Design

Each piece of handcrafted doll furniture is given the care and attention needed to create a beautiful design. Not only is the design sturdy and child-friendly, but it’s also visually pleasing and adult-approved. No matter what aesthetic you have in your nursery or playroom, handcrafted doll furniture is guaranteed to match, especially with customization options chosen with home décor in mind. Each piece is lovingly made and sculpted to not just provide your child with hours of entertainment but also to add a sense of style and design to whatever room it’s featured in.


Because each piece of furniture is made by hand, you’re guaranteed a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of doll furniture. All of your children’s friends and neighbors will love bringing their dolls over to rest in beautifully designed cribs and store clothes in unique dressers and wardrobes. Each unique piece provides a special sense of ownership that you and your kids can be proud of.

Craft Support

With the increased popularity of mass-produced items, handcrafted anything is a bit of a dying art. When you purchase handcrafted doll furniture, you support craftspeople who dedicate their lives to providing homes with beautiful and sturdy items. By supporting them, you help others discover the joyful difference that handcrafted items make. Not only do you get a gorgeous new product for your home, but you also support the artisan economy.

Handcrafted Doll Furniture at Amish Toy Box

At, our goal is to provide homes with high-quality Amish-made toys. We’ve teamed up with Amish craftspeople at Lapps Toys and Furniture in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to help realize that dream. Each piece of doll furniture is lovingly handcrafted and designed to provide your children with hours of fun.

Our two collections of 18”-22” doll furniture, as well as our dollhouse and miniature furniture, are designed to be child-safe. We provide everything your child’s doll could need, including cribs, beds, wardrobes, chests, and high chairs. Your young one can learn to care for their doll while staying safe and having fun.

Handcrafted doll furniture provides your family with a generational product that is beautifully designed to fit with your home’s aesthetic. These Amish-made pieces will keep your children entertained for hours as they play and learn alongside their beloved dolls. Your children love their dolls with care and attention, so make sure you provide them with doll furniture that matches that level of dedication. You can browse our selection of wooden doll furniture online or give us a call at (740) 277-1982 if you have any questions about your order.

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