Amish-Made Deluxe Wooden 6 Player Croquet Game Set

Groffdale Machine Shop

$ 389.50 


6 Player Deluxe Croquet Sets. If you take a Sunday afternoon drive through Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, there is a good chance you will see Amish families enjoying a relaxing game of Croquet. Larry Kauffman (owner of also has many fond memories of playing Croquet in the backyard with his family during his teenage years. Now you can have the same opportunity for relaxing fun and friendly competition with your family. Our Deluxe Hardwood Croquet Game Sets are crafted in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish Country by the Amish Craftsmen at Groffdale Machine Shop. Each Croquet Set contains 6 hardwood Maple wood mallets which are lathe-turned and hand painted in sectioned rings with matching colors to their corresponding balls. Two rings of polished brass adorn each end of the mallet head to prevent the wood from cracking and smashing. The two hardwood stakes are lathe-turned with multicolored sections. The nine 5/32" diameter vinyl-coated, metal wickets are very substantial and will not easily bend. The balls are made from a plastic polymer and are 3-5/16" in diameter. Choose between 3 mallet handle lengths: 28" handles (great for youth to medium adults), the best-selling 32" handles (perfect for taller players), or the NEW three 28" handles and three 32" handles (for a wide range of players). Finally, the deluxe croquet set comes ready to play in a lovely wooden storage rack with a carrying handle. We offer a 5 year Warranty on all the mallets, balls and stakes in your croquet set and will replace them at no charge if they are broken or damaged within 5 years of purchase. We also sell individual replacement parts here on our website for your croquet game. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
High Quality Craftsmanship

I ordered the 6 player Deluxe Croquet set with 32" handles & wooden stand. It looks even better than the online pictures. The quality of the craftsmanship is visible. It shipped very quickly, was very well packaged and all pieces arrived in good condition. I ordered it for my husband as a father’s day gift, because he thought it would be a fun game to play in our back yard with family and friends. We both played Croquet as kids and have many fond memories. I was shopping for a high quality set that would last over the years and believe this set exceeds my expectations.

Beautiful Croquet Set

This was a gift for my grandson's birthday. 5 generations in my family enjoyed playing croquet and
this tradition is being passed on to my grandson. This croquet set is the nicest quality that I have been able to find.


I bought this set for my granddaughter for her 11th birthday as I loved this game at her age. I was very impressed with the quality of the set and the fine workmanship. I had looked at so many others that had such poor reviews and I didn't want something that would fall apart after a few uses. Mission accomplished! I especially like the 5 year warranty and the ability to buy parts if necessary. It has been a delight to teach another generation the joys of this game. I recommend this product highly.

Mike S.
Lots of Options - High Quality

Excellent croquet set that is of high quality and precise mill/wood working. Delivered on time and the owner of the company took the time to see how everything was. Solid craftsmenship and service!

Great product!

This is a beautiful croquet set. Excellent workmanship and quality. Delivered quickly