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Nothing says family fun like an afternoon of enjoying the great outdoors while riding bikes, scooters, and even wagons around together. Here at Amish Toybox, we’re dedicated to bringing you and your family a variety of ride-on toys guaranteed to put a smile on any face. Our collection of Amish Kick Scooters, Berlin Flyer Wagons, and Groffdale Chopper Trikes will provide you and your family with hours of riding fun!

Our handmade Amish ride-on toys are designed for the whole family. Our Kick Scooters come in three sizes, from the 16” kids scooter to the 20” youth scooter and the 24” adult scooter. With sizes for each member of your family, you can all enjoy a ride around the neighborhood together.

We also feature several ride-on toys with younger children in mind. Our Groffdale Chopper Trike is perfect for toddlers and children alike who aren’t quite ready for the challenges of a bicycle. Its adjustable seat means that it can grow as your child does, saving you money and letting your kids savor their favorite ride for years to come.

And if you’re looking for a more traditional ride-on toy, look no further than our Berlin Flyer Wagons and handcrafted wooden riding horse. Made by master Amish craftsmen, these classic ride-on toys are guaranteed to provide long-lasting fun for your family.

Each ride-on toy is crafted with loving care and stored at our facilities to ensure quality. We handpick and ship each item you purchase so we can keep tabs on your order for you. We know you’ll love our handcrafted, Amish-made ride-on toys as much as our families do. So, what are you waiting for? Treat your family to some fun with new ride-on toys for everyone!