Solid Oak Double-sided Aggravation (Wahoo) Game Board, Unpainted Holes

Wengerd Wood

$ 69.50 $ 89.50


Solid Wood Aggravation Game. Sit down close to the crackling fireplace with the whole family and enjoy a classic table game of Aggravation (also called Wahoo). Our lovely Aggravation Boards are the perfect gift for the whole family or for your grand kids. The beautiful wood grain, the competitiveness of playing Aggravation, and the memories made will make this game a favorite in your family. The Best-Selling Aggravation board is made out of solid wood by the Mennonite folks at Wengerd Wood in Holmes County, Ohio. It is double sided so you can play with up to 6 players on the one side and with up to 4 players on the other side. To play, move your marble players around the board according to the roll of your dice and try to position your marbles in the home positions before your opponents do. You can send your opponent's players back by landing on a location that they occupy, thus making them "aggravated". Choose between the popular 20" wide (measured across the points) board or the more economical 16" wide board. The Aggravation Game Board, Playing Marbles in a Drawstring Carry Bag, Instructions for Play, and Dice are all included. Note: This Aggravation board is not painted. If you prefer a Hand-Painted Aggravation Board, we sell them here.