Amish-Made Wooden Marble Machine Toy

Lapps Toys and Furniture

$ 67.50 

Marble Machine Toy. Try this clever Marble Machine and see the wonder of a simple machine at work. You line up the included marbles on the top track and tap the lever to get it started. The force of the the empty lever coming back up will release the next marble and on it goes until you run out of marbles. It is almost like Perpetual Energy! This Marble Machine is crafted by Amish Artisans in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The dimensions are approximately 16"L x 14"H x 4"W and a pack of approximately 16 marbles is included. Like all of our wooden toys, this Wooden Marble Machine is finished with a child-safe, nontoxic protective finish. Choose from Natural or Walnut and Natural colors.  Warning: Marbles are a choking hazard! Keep marbles away from small children!