Hand-Painted Oak Wooden Chinese Checkers Board Game, 19" Wide

Wengerd Wood

$ 82.50 $ 94.50

  • Made in Holmes County, Ohio.
  • Solid Oak Hardwood 19" Octagon Board.
  • Complete with Game Board and Marbles.
  • Holes are Hand-Painted for a Classy Finish.

Sit down with the whole family and enjoy a game of Chinese Checkers in style with our solid Oak wood octagon board. This lovely Chinese Checkers board is made in Holmes County, Ohio. The octagon shaped board measures 19" across and 0.75" thick and plays up to 6 players. A cloth drawstring pouch with sixty 18mm marbles are included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lolly berry
19 inch Chinese’s checker boards

Hi Every one, I tried to send Sarah a thank you note, maybe she didn’t get it, also responded to the young man who asked about it.
Yes I received the checker boards and I am more than happy. They are beautifully made
And I could not be more happy. I am happy with your service, all very promptly programmed
I received them in the time period that Sarah promised. One I gave to my son and his wife
As a a late Christmas gift. The other I will give my other son for his birthday on February 14th.
I have a very old set which we all use and is getting a bit worn looking but is still good, however
I might just call and order another one of yours. Playing the game of Chinese’s Checkers is
Our favorite entertainment. Thanks to all who made my ordering experience a success.
I am happy all the way. Best wishes for a Blessed 2022.
Lolly g. Berry

Beautiful board!

Very nice checker board. Sturdy, smooth, beautiful wood. Well-painted holes. The marbles are great. The larger size is nice for multiple players. Made a wonderful gift for the family. We love it.