Carbles (Cards N' Marbles) Board Game Set, Double-Sided 23" Wide Board

$ 119.50 

Take the classic game of Aggravation to a whole new level with this wooden Carbles game board. Carbles (also called Cards N' Marbles or Marble Chase) replaces the dice in Aggravation with 2 decks of cards for more variation and fun. With its brightly colored holes and stylish layout, this game is sure to be a winner in your family. Don't have enough people to play on the six person side? No problem, just flip the board over and use the four player side. Comes ready to play with the 23" wide Carbles Game Board, a cloth drawstring bag with 24 16mm glass marbles (4 each of 6 colors), 2 Decks of Playing Cards, and Instructions for Play.
  • Hand-Crafted Wooden Aggravation Game Board Set Made in Indiana, USA.
  • Features a 23" Wide Carbles Game Board, 2 Decks of Cards, and 16mm Marbles.
  • Double-Sided - Plays up to 4 Players on One Side and up to 6 Players on the Other.
  • Comes Ready to Play with Game Board, Marbles, Cards, and Instructions.
  • Recreate Old-Fashioned Family Fun with our Carbles Board Game!

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