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Vehicle toys have long held the imaginations of toddlers and kids alike. Vehicles, in general, gain the interest of the younger generations, and having their very own vehicles to play with is a delight sure to entrance any child in your life. Whether you’re gifting a new truck to your son, getting your granddaughter a new train set, or just stocking your babysitting bag full of vehicles for a night of transportation fun, Amish Toy Box has just the vehicle toy for you.

All of our vehicle toys are made of sturdy wood and constructed to last for hours-long play sessions. The fine craftsmanship of the Amish builders who make these toys is guaranteed to bring fun to your family for generations to come. With child-safe, non-toxic finishes on each vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that your child is safe as they play with their new toy. 

We pride ourselves on providing a diverse list of vehicle toys that your little one can enjoy. We have everything your child could want, including:

Trucks – From a classic pick-up truck to specialized dump trucks and firetrucks, your child can thoroughly enjoy having their very own truck to roll around and operate.

Construction Vehicles – What child doesn’t love to pretend they're working at an important construction site? With skid loaders, bulldozers, and forklifts, your kid will enjoy hours spent moving around their imaginary loads. 

Trains – Nothing captures the interest of children quite like a toy train. Just think of all those movies and stories of a bright Christmas morning with a train track built around a tree and children spending the day rolling their new trains along it. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and train types, we have the perfect wooden toy train for every child.

Planes – Transportation hasn’t just remained on the ground. Wooden vehicle toys have expanded to include air travel as well! Our airplane toys are guaranteed to delight any child who’s got their head in the clouds.

Wooden vehicle toys are a great new addition to your child’s toy box. Made with strong materials, they’ll hold up to any kind of play your child throws at them. And the beautiful design and craft from the Amish craftspeople who build them will add some unique personality and style to your playroom or nursery.

With wooden vehicle toys from Amish Toy Box, everyone in your family can appreciate the joys of transportation both during a play session and through simple observation of aesthetic decor.