Amish Scooters - Items tagged as "Bicycle"

If you take a drive around Amish country, you’ll see two major forms of transportation. While the horse and buggy make for excellent long-distance travel, the Amish Scooter is perfect for shorter trips. Scooters have been around for years, helping Amish folk get around while also providing fun for the whole family. And with our Amish Kick Scooter Bikes, your whole family can get in on the enjoyment.

Made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, on a large Amish farm, our Amish Kick Scooter Bikes are expertly designed and crafted for every member of the family. Each scooter is built for speed, practicality, and durability, so you know you’ll be enjoying it for years to come. We offer three sizes of scooters to perfectly fit both kids and adults. And with nine color options to choose from, you can find the perfect Amish scooter for everyone in your family.

Our Amish Kick Scooter Bikes are fitted with both front-handle brakes and rear-foot brakes to help keep everyone safe as they enjoy a scenic ride. With a 1.75-inch ground clearance, you’ll find a comfortable ride that won’t put too much pressure on your legs. Each Amish scooter also comes with a wire basket, making it perfect for trips to the farmer’s market, library, or anywhere else around town.

But scooters aren’t just for shopping! Everyone can enjoy a long summer afternoon ride visiting the scenic locales in their own backyard. Get the whole family together for a fun ride with our Amish Kick Scooter Bikes.

Some minor assembly is required for our Amish scooters, but each order comes with every part you’ll need and easy assembly instructions so you can get out and ride as soon as you’re ready.