Amish-Made Deluxe Kick Scooter - Large 24" Front Wheel, 20" Rear Wheel

Groffdale Machine Shop

$ 389.50 


Amish Kick Scooter - Adult Size. If you take a drive through Lancaster County, it won't take you long to see a Kick Scooter being ridden by an Amish person. Next to the Horse and Buggy, these sleek racing scooters are the most popular method of transportation for the Amish People. Hop on one of these genuine Amish-Made Scooters yourself and go places faster while getting some fun, heart-healthy exercise. This Kick Scooter is made by the Amish Folks at Groffdale Scooters, a small Amish machine shop in Lancaster County, PA. All their scooters are quality constructed with all-steel frames and fenders, ball bearings for easy steering, and a powder coated finish. This model comes standard with 85 psi air tires on a 24" aluminum rimmed racing front wheel and a 20" aluminum rimmed rear wheel, a rear foot brake, a front hand brake, and a wire cargo basket. The scooter has a low rider platform with a 1.75" ground clearance for comfortable and efficient riding. The manufacturer recommended rider weight limit is 200 pounds (but we know of people who weigh 250 lbs. or more who ride these scooters with no issues). Choose between four popular colors. Also, you can choose to add accessories to give your scooter that extra flair. Add a handy Kick Stand to keep your Scooter standing. The Kick Scooter requires some slight assembly. It is a large item which will ship to you directly from Groffdale Scooters, so please allow an extra 1-2 business days for delivery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Isaiah Roggow
love the bike

Agree on the challenge to assemble but it wasn't that hard. One issue is the bike tires, as a typical air pump does not work for it and I tried to top it off and ended up deflating the entire tire so now its useless and I have to figure out how to do that. The product description does not mention the specific inflation tire specs; an update would be appreciated please

Great scooter overall

I purchased the XL - 250lbs. scooter. Assembly was a little tricky, the instructions are not written well, but I called and I had a very nice man explain me through some of the confusing parts. They do write in the description that it has a low rider platform (where you stand on it), and that is very true! I was a little nervous as my 200lb. husband uses it to ride through our lawn to his garage - but it clears the little divets in the grass just fine. We are very happy with this scooter!

Leigh Jacobs
Not easy to assemble

First off, I am very happy we purchased this scooter and am thinking about purchasing another. We LOVE riding it. What I was not anticipating was how difficult it would be to assemble. Everything that needs to be tightened requires a different size tool and if you are not familiar with the terminology of a scooter/bike, then it can take longer to work through the instructions (which only offer one picture for reference.)
I had to take it somewhere to have someone help me put it together and it took us a while. Usually I don't have a problem following directions or building things but this was the most difficult item I've had to build.
It would have been more helpful (for the inexperienced scooter builders) to have more images and details included in the instructions rather than to try to limit it to one page. If we decide to buy another, it will be easier to assemble now that we know what to expect.