The Best Kids' Wagons Available

Ride-on toys are fun for kids of all ages. Whether it’s a bike, a trike, a wagon, or a scooter, kids love to be on the move! Wagons are one of the best ways to help your kids get their energy out while they have fun. Kids can ride inside the wagon or pull it along, getting exercise and enjoying the great outdoors. Wagons also provide opportunities for kids to learn teamwork, allowing children to share the burden of pulling or riding when they play together. Getting your kids the Berlin Flyer Sport Wagon will help them get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air as they play.

Why Go with Handmade Wooden Wagons?

There are a lot of options when it comes to picking out a wagon for your children. Although plastic choices may seem appealing, you can’t beat the classic quality of wooden wagons. When you think about wagons, the little red wooden wagon is what immediately comes to mind. And while improvements and new upgrades are great for many things, sometimes the classics really are the best choice. 

When you buy your kids a wooden wagon, you buy them hours of outdoor fun. And wooden wagons allow your kids to build their self-confidence by letting them use their wagons to help with outdoor chores. They can ride around in their wagon for play or use it to help transport things around the yard. However they decide to use it, you can rest assured knowing that they’re having fun while staying healthy.

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Berlin Flyer Sport Wagon

If you’re looking for the best wooden wagons available for kids, look no further than the Berlin Flyer Sport Wagon. Berlin Flyer Express Wagons is a Mennonite-owned business based out of Holmes County, Ohio. Their wagons are designed with top-quality Amish craftsmanship, bringing the fun and charm of simple living right into your backyard. 

Berlin Flyer wagons are made from sturdy hardwood with steel hardware that keeps the fun lasting for years to come. Every part of the wagon beside the wheels is made in Ohio by the best craftsmen around. Their parts are locally sourced, so you can trust the quality and security of your kids’ newest toy. The wagons are finished off with non-toxic paint and varnish. When you get your kid a Berlin Flyer Sport Wagon, you get them a high-quality ride-on toy safe for all uses.

The F310

The Berlin F310 Flyer is the original design of the Berlin Flyers Wagon line. It was first designed in 1965 and has been providing families with fun and joy ever since. The F310 has earned its spot as one of the most popular express wagons with the quality of its craftsmanship. This model was created with safety in mind, featuring a No-Tip steering system that keeps your kids safe as they pull, push, and ride along. The F310’s tires are made from solid rubber and measure 10” x 1.75”. The solid wood bed measures 36” x 17.25”, giving your children plenty of cargo or passenger room and carrying up to 250 lbs. The F310 can match the aesthetic of any child with 8 flashy colors: red, emerald green, orange, purple, gray, hunter green, pink, or blue.


Also designed in 1965, the Berlin F410 is the workhorse of the Berlin Flyers Wagon line. The F410 is just as popular as the F310 and features larger, sturdier wheels for heavier lifting. If your kids want to help out with chores or spend their whole day riding around in their wagon, the F410 has the power to keep up. The F410 has the same 36” x 17.25” hardwood bed but can carry up to 300 lbs. The larger 10” x 4” tires filled with foam allow this model to carry more and travel farther than the F310. The easy-to-remove hardwood safety rails of the F410 come in either red, emerald green, orange, purple, gray, hunter green, pink, or blue. The additional power provided by the F410 is perfect for heavy use that can last your family for generations to come.

The Difference Amish-Made Quality Makes

As a Mennonite company, Berlin Flyer Express Wagons merges the quality of Amish craftsmanship with the natural beauty of the Ohio landscape. All of their wagons come ready to easily assemble and feature top-of-the-line safety for your kids. Children of all ages can appreciate the beauty of their own Amish-made wagon. There’s nothing better than the classic wooden wagon, and it’s no wonder the Berlin Express Wagons are the top choice in ride-on toys for kids. 

If you want to provide hours of fun for your family without worrying over your children’s safety, you want a Berlin Flyer Sport Wagon. lets you choose either the economy F310 or the powerful F410 to fit your family’s needs. Every generation in your household can enjoy the fun a quality wooden wagon has to offer. Whether your kids are learning to share by taking turns riding around or are helping with outdoor chores by carting goods back and forth, they’re guaranteed to have fun while doing so. At, we work hard to make sure your family has the best experience with our products. You can view our wagons and other ride-on toys online or give us a call at 740-277-1982 to learn more about our mission of providing families with handmade Amish toys.

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