Child's Wooden Stove and Sink Playset Toy

Lapps Toys and Furniture

$ 329.50 


Does your child love to be in the kitchen with you? Do they always want to try and help, even if they're not old enough to handle food and tools safely? Want to be close with your child while keeping them safe and getting meals ready? You can, with the child's wooden stove and sink playset!

The handcrafted and Amish-made children's maple kitchen sink and stove playset is the perfect addition for a young chef in the making. Designed for children of any age, this beautiful and sturdy wooden stove and sink playset is a good fit for any family and will last in your home for generations to come. Built out of strong and hardy maple wood, the playset is designed to be used day after day, year after year, as your children take a healthy interest in all things cooking and cleaning.

If your child loves to play in the kitchen and help clean up, they'll love a wooden stove and sink playset of their own. The playset features an oven door that actually opens, as well as a drawer and two cupboards for your child to store all their dishes and food. This playset is an excellent way to start teaching your child valuable life skills while keeping them safe from the hazards of a real kitchen. And the best part is, with your child happily distracted, you'll be able to concentrate on cooking without mistakes or interruptions!

The sink and cupboard arrangement will help your child feel inspired to clean up after themselves while learning organizational skills. The oven and prepping area allows them to flex their creative muscles while making pretend meals. With no electrical or fire-risk components, your child stays safe while having fun. 

There's no better way to bond with your children than to cook with them. All around the world, families spend quality time creating meals together. Before the children's maple kitchen sink and stove playset, your younger children may have felt left out of the process. But now, they can cook and clean along with the rest of your family. Let everyone partake in the joys of cooking together!

The Amish-made child's wooden stove and sink playset was designed by Amish craftsmen at Lapp's Toys and Furniture. You can choose from two classic colors - either white or harvest - to fit your home and current kitchen décor. The playset measures 26.5" H x 36" L x 14" D and can be situated in any room of your home, not just the kitchen. Because of the size of the kitchen playset, the item will be drop-shipped directly to you from Lapp's Toys. However, we still ensure its quality and durability and will provide excellent customer service in the event of any issue. offers a variety of children's furniture and playsets. Looking for another way to keep your child safely engaged throughout the house? Check out our other available playsets.