Marble Tree Tower Wooden Action Toy - Pack of Marbles Included

Lapp's Toy

$ 124.50 


The Marble Tree Wooden Toy is the perfect way to keep your kids invested in fun, colorful action as they play. Watch their eyes light up as they drop their favorite marbles at the top and see them roll their way to the bottom tray. Children of all ages can enjoy the simple fun of observing their marbles drop along the ‘branches’ over and over again.

Handcrafted by the Amish folks in Lancaster County, PA, the marble tree wooden toy is beautifully designed and made with durability in mind. The delicate work of Amish craftsmen will leave a stunning impression in any room you set up your new toy. And the strength of the material and design will keep the fun going for years to come. This new marble tree wooden toy is sure to become a family favorite for every generation.

Our marble tree wooden toy measures approximately 9.5” L x 29” H x 9.5” W, making it perfectly sized for children both small and large. It comes complete with a non-toxic, CPSIA-approved finish, so you know your children are safe whenever they play. And with delicate woodwork and a colorful design, you can enjoy a pop of color in any playroom, classroom, or office space.

Purchase of the marble tree wooden toy includes a set of 24 marbles designed to roll along the branches and entertain your children. But any marbles your family already owns will also look stunning rolling along the winding paths to the bottom tray. And if you want an even wider variety to enjoy, we also sell bags of marbles in different colors and designs for your children’s delight.

Warning: Marbles are a choking hazard! Keep marbles away from small children!