Gazebo Bird Feeder - Triple Compartment, Post-Mount

$ 212.08 $ 249.50

Attract songbirds of many species to your backyard with this Deluxe Gazebo Triple Hopper Bird Feeder. The lovely Gazebo Bird Feeder is our most expensive bird feeder and for good reason. First, the bird feeder is crafted with durable poly "lumber" which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic for ultimate environment stewardship! Second, the bird feeder features 3 large compartments that hold 5 pounds of bird feed each, so the serious birding enthusiast can give multiple species of birds a smorgasbord of goodies. Try Mealworms for Bluebirds, Sunflower seeds for Cardinals, and mixed bird seed for Finches, Nuthatches, and Wrens. It also features a durable stainless steel screen bottom for ease of cleaning and drying the bird seed. The beautiful gazebo spire is a convenient removable lid for easy filling of the bird feeder. The Gazebo Bird Feeder is made for us by an Amish Family in Shipshewana, Indiana. It is fade-resistant, maintenance-free, and of course, eco-friendly. It comes ready to mount on a post or deck railing with 4 pre-drilled holes. The dimensions of the hexagon bird feeder are approximately 21" Long by 18" Wide by 23" High.