Amish-Made Heirloom Marble Roller Wooden Toy - Child-Safe Finish

$ 99.50 

Satisfy that enchantment with action toys with this Heirloom Marble Roller Toy. This handmade action toy will keep the kids coming back to see it time and time again. The Marble Roller is hand-crafted by Amish Folks in Lancaster County, PA. This Heirloom Marble Roller was designed from an original Amish family heirloom toy. The dimensions of the Heirloom Marble Roller are approximately 20.5"L x 17"H x 6.5"W and is completed with a non-toxic clear-coat protective finish. A bag of 24 marbles are included. Warning: Marbles are a choking hazard! Keep marbles away from small children!

  • Quality Crafted by Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
  • Keep Your Kids Entertained for Hours!
  • This Heirloom Marble Roller was Designed from an Original Amish Family Heirloom.
  • Pack of 24 Marbles are Included.
  • Marbles are a choking hazard! Keep away from small children!
  • Bring Back Old-Fashioned Fun To Your Family With Hand-Crafted Toys and Games From

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