Large Wooden Semi Truck and Trailer Toy with Building Blocks

Lapps Toys and Furniture

$ 139.50 


Semi Truck and Trailer Toy with Blocks. Bring a big smile to your young boys face with this Truck and Trailer all set to roll with a big load of blocks. This neat combo toy is crafted by Lapps Toys and Furniture, a small shop owned and operated by Amish Folks in Lancaster County, PA. The Truck and Trailer are made from Pine wood and come with real rolling wheels and the trailer unhitches from the truck for realistic play. For your peace of mind, the Truck and Trailer are finished with a nontoxic Natural Harvest finish and the Blocks are unfinished for that all-natural safety if your child puts them in his mouth. The measurements on the Truck and Trailer with Blocks is 24"L x 7"H x 5"W.