Amish-Made Toy Wooden A-Frame Barn

Owl Toy Craft

$ 179.50 


Looking for a barn to compliment your child's toy animals set? Here it is! This classy wood barn toy is ready to delight your kids with features galore. The wooden A-Frame Barn is hand-crafted in Shipshewana, Indiana by Amish Craftsmen. It is designed to fit animals from 5" to 7.5" tall. With its classic A-Frame style and opening roof this barn allows easy access to the interior. There is a sliding haymow in the top half of the barn to store feed for the animals; the height from the floor to the haymow is 8''. This A-Frame Barn features two chain fences, a small feedbox, 5 tie stalls and 1 box stall. The tie stalls are 3.5'' long x 2'' wide and the box stall measures 11'' long x 5.5'' wide. The barn's dimensions are 20" long x 12" wide x 14" high. You may be interested in a Hay Baling Set, Folding Fence, or a Pickup and Horse Trailer to add some more fun to this wooden barn.

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