Amish-Made Rolling Delight Heavy-Duty Express Wagons

Stumptown Manufacturing

$ 269.50 


Rolling Delight Deluxe Express Wagons.  Folks, you just won't find another express wagon as nice or as solid as this one. These Amish-made Express Wagons are the perfect solution to get your young kids to play for hours outside instead of being holed up in front of a TV or Computer. They will ride in style in Rolling Delight Express Wagons which are made by the Amish Folks at Stumptown Manufacturing in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Designed to last a lifetime of work or play, Rolling Delight Wagon beds are made with extra fine hardwood. The 2.5" wood sides on the beds are held together with a full length 1/4" tie-rod for longer durability. Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel brackets are used to hold the side rack posts. These Express Wagons are built with heavy-duty welded running gear and safety auto steering. The hardwood plywood bottom on the bed has rounded edges for safety and three coats of varnish for an extra smooth, glossy finish. The Rolling Delight Express Wagons all come with a 1000 lb. load capacity and air tires. Choose below between 3 sizes to best suit your family. The Model 1000 Express Wagon has 10" wheels and the bed measures 22" x 40". The Model 1200 also has a 22" x 40" bed, but has 13" wheels. The Model 1300 is our most popular wagon with a 24" x 48" bed and 13" wheels. Note: The Model 1300 comes standard with the locking brake so when you orders the Model 1300 with "no extra accessories", you are getting it with the locking brake included. The wagon comes with a Fire Red finish with White wheel rims. The Rolling Delight Express Wagon is a large item and will ship to you directly from Stumptown Manufacturing. Please allow an extra 1-2 business days for this wagon to ship.

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