Amish-Made Deluxe Wooden Toy Barn

Lapps Toys and Furniture

$ 139.50 


Deluxe Wooden Toy Barn. This Deluxe Toy Barn is a young boy's dream come true. This classic wooden barn will keep all the animals dry and cozy and also will keep your young child entertained for a long time. The wooden barn opens down the middle for easy access to the inside and also has convenient handles on the top. The inside of the barn has a neat old-fashioned style interior complete with stalls and a hay loft. This handsome toy barn is hand-made to last for a life-time of play by the Amish Folks at Lapp's Toys in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The dimensions of the toy barn are 15"L x 11"W x 14"H. It is available in 2 child-safe finishes:  Natural and Black, and Red and Black. Finally, choose to complete your toy barn with our wooden farm animal set or choose the barn only. The farm animal set includes 10 wooden farm animals and 4 sections of fence.