Berlin Loadmaster F600 Express Wagon, Amish-Made

$ 239.50 


The Berlin Loadmaster is the biggest and strongest wagon in our Berlin Flyer Series made by Amish Folks in Berlin, Ohio. It is ideal for hauling heavy loads over rough terrain. It features a 42" long bed, big 10" all-terrain, flat-free tires, ball bearing wheels, and steel undercarriage. Of course, like all the Berlin Flyer wagons, it comes standard with our No-Tip Safety Steering, Pinch-Free Tongue, and removable hardwood side rails with rubber safety bumpers. The F600 wagon load capacity is 500 lbs and the dimensions of the bed are 42" Long x 21.5" wide. Easy assembly is required and detailed assembly instructions are included. Choose between 8 flashy colors: Red, Emerald Green, Orange, Purple, Gray, Hunter Green, Pink, and Blue.

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