Bluebird Feeder - Hanging Block House Blue Bird Feeder for Mealworms

$ 67.50 

Delight your Bluebird Feathered Friends with this Bluebird "Block House" Mealworm Feeder. The Bird Feeder features openings for bluebirds to fit through and get to the mealworms in the center cup. However, larger birds such as Starlings will not be able to get into the feeder. Since it is all open air and no plexiglass, the bluebirds can easily get in and out without getting trapped. One of the sides opens up for easy access to refill the cup. The mealworm cup holds 1 cup of worms (or other goodies). The Blue Bird Feeder is hand-made by an Amish family in Shipshewana, Indiana. The Bluebird Feeder is made with durable poly lumber which is 100% made from post-consumer recycled plastic! Poly lumber is fade-resistant, maintenance-free, and of course, eco-friendly. Also, it features stainless steel fasteners and hanging cables. The mealworm bird feeder measures 11.5" Long x 11.5" Wide x 5" High.

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