NEW! Amish-Made 32" Deluxe ABC Wooden Toy Train Set

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The deluxe ABC wooden train toy set is the perfect toy for any family. Beautifully crafted by master Amish craftsmen, this train set is designed to both amuse and educate. Children of all ages will enjoy the fun of operating a wooden train set, and younger ones can practice their ABCs and 123s while they play. It's perfect for your home, daycare, waiting room, and anywhere else kids converge. Your children will love the fun provided, and you'll love the education they receive.

Our wooden train sets make the perfect gift for every occasion. Celebrate a birthday by letting your child master their own train around the house. Bring the magic of a Christmas morning with every kid's dream train set under the tree. Or simply enjoy the start of summer by giving your kids the perfect tool to help them maintain their education while school’s out. No matter what you're celebrating, you can give the gift of joy with the deluxe ABC wooden toy train set.

Our Amish-made deluxe wooden train set features the alphabet wood-burned on one side and numbers wood-burned on the other. The wooden train is meticulously handmade by talented Amish craftsmen out of solid Maple wood. A dark Walnut stain is then applied by artisans at Lapps Toys and Furniture to give the set a fun yet elegant look. This educational train set is perfect for young ones who like to play and learn at the same time.

Our toys are designed to be safe and long-lasting. The sturdy Maple will survive years of use, giving your family generations of fun and learning. As with all of our wooden toys, our train sets have a non-toxic, child-safe finish. So even if your child loves to put everything in their mouth, you won't have to worry about them getting sick from their Amish-made toys.

The deluxe wooden ABC toy train features an engine and four train cars, all equipped with real rolling wheels, so it’s ready to play straight out of the box. To help the experience feel more authentic, passengers have been wood-burned onto the engine and caboose so your child can help get them where they need to go. The train set also comes with an adorable monkey conductor there to help your child direct train traffic and get the wheels rolling. The total dimensions are 5"H x 32"L x 2 1/2"W.

At Amish Toy Box, we're dedicated to providing your family with the best, highest-quality toys around. We work with Amish craftsmen to design and create beautiful toys that will last your family for generations. If the deluxe wooden train set is a hit with your kids, check out our other wooden vehicle toys. We have trucks, planes, trains, and more. Whatever mode of transport your kids like, we have the perfect Amish-made wooden toy for them.