Amish-Made 23" Wooden Aggravation (Wahoo) Marble Game Board, Double-sided

Lapps Toys and Furniture

$ 89.50 $ 99.50

  • Quality Made by Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
  • Features a 23" Wide Hexagon Game Board.
  • Double Sided - Plays up to 4 players on one side and up to 6 on the other.
  • Complete with Game Board, Marbles and Dice.
  • Built with Nifty Wooden Rim to keep Marbles on Board.

Sit down with the family and enjoy a classic game of Aggravation (also called Wahoo). The double-sided 23" wide (longest dimension across the points of the board) Aggravation hexagon board is made out of Birch Plywood by the Amish folks at Lapps Toys in Lancaster County, PA. It features a neat wooden rim to keep your marbles on the board instead of rolling onto the floor. It is hand-painted to match the marble colors. The Wood Aggravation Game Board, Thirty 5/8" Marbles in a Cloth Bag, and  2 Dice are included.