Amish-Crafted Professional Maple-Wood Croquet Game Set, 6 Player Set in Woode...

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Gather your friends and family together and enjoy outdoor fun in style with our deluxe Maple-wood Croquet Game Set that is hand-crafted by Amish Folks in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The regulation-size Croquet Game Set contains 6 hardwood maple 37" long mallets which are two-piece (the handle screws securely into the mallet head). The two stakes are color coded to match the balls. The croquet set contains nine heavy-duty (.312" diameter steel) powder-coated wickets that are 13" high with a 4" opening. The 6 balls are made from a plastic polymer and are 3.55" in diameter and weigh 10.8 oz. each. This deluxe croquet set comes ready to play with a heavy-duty wooden box (made with Eastern White Pine) to keep your game organized. It features brass latches and a hemp rope handle.